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Trip Moments

Osaka Castle Park
Osaka Castle Park is free to visit and is very large. Outside the city of Osaka is a moat that is similar to the pattern of an ancient city in China. There are many areas in the city, the most famous of which are the Castle Tower in Osaka City and the Osaka Museum. The vegetation is flourishing, with cherry blossoms and Merlin in the form of a piece of land, in addition to the landmark Osaka Castle Castle, and the Nishio Maru Garden, which is full of cherry blossoms.
Today is a cloudy day, feeling the sun was used up in the first few days. Even so, the full bloom of cherry blossoms is really beautiful, just a corner is full of cherry blossoms, why are you leaving today
Osaka Castle Park, but because the park is very large, even if there are many people Can find a lot of people without the angle, enjoy the flowers!
After a round trip, I entered the Xizhi Pill Garden. This is a scenic spot for collecting tickets. The hundreds of cherry trees in the courtyard are mainly dyed Yoshino. Upon entering the door, it was surrounded by a pale pink. It is still famous for the night cherry blossoms, but unfortunately I can't see it.
There are a lot of people in the courtyard who have picnics and picnics under the cherry trees.
Here you can also photograph the Tianshou Pavilion. Through the layers of cherry blossoms, you can see the green roof of the Tianshou Pavilion, and the sense of smoke in history suddenly comes. The water of the
moat is green, and there are golden cruise ships below. It is a dream scene against the cherry blossoms.
Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan
I have been to many Japanese trips, and I can take photos that I am satisfied with each time. I have summarized the following tips and shared them with the same beauty:
1 Naturally integrated into the destination scene. For example, I finally saw the beautiful girl theme park in my heart, and the excitement was overwhelming. So, I took Sensis magic wand and came to the door of the theme pavilion to take photos with cartoon characters, magic wand and bow theme backpack. The heroine in the game is quickly integrated into the animation scene;
2 Sesame Street believes that everyone likes it, this time in the Universal Studios, I am also very fortunate to take a photo under the theme wall, hands are holding Meng Meng Dolls, as well as budding heads, are fun and fun.
3In Kanazawa, I ate a gold foil ice cream with a high value, a faint fragrance, and used ice cream as a foreground to blur myself. It is also a good photo format;
4 came to Japan to wear kimonos naturally, recommend bright colors Because it is more on the mirror, remember to put your hair up, and the temperament is reflected. In the Kenrokuen Park, the weather is super good, and the green plants behind it are also rich. Find the background of the photo with your kimono color, let the whole picture become Gentle and fresh;
5 in the art gallery, this swimming pool seems to be nothing, the water ripples are like underwater, wearing lighter clothes, more can reflect the sense of air;
6 does not have to look The lens, slightly smiling to look ahead, the story of the lens is there;
7 cleverly integrated into the travel atmosphere, such as the last one I am making a wooden bowl, carefully looking at the camera .