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I came to Osaka, Japan for the third time, and I punched the Japanese Shinsaibashi for the third time. I dont think Im really coming to Osaka.
For the choice of accommodation in Osaka, I highly recommend Shinsaibashi. My second and third visit to Osaka is now Shinsaibashi. First of all, it is Osakas shopping destination, street shopping place, gourmet holy place, you What you want to buy in Japan can be found here basically, and it is a well-deserved popular king. Secondly, the food you want to eat in Japan can basically be eaten here. Finally, its traffic is really convenient. It can be directly connected to the subway, Shinkansen, JR, etc., or to the place you want to go. It is also very convenient to the airport.
When it comes to the food of Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori is definitely not to be missed. The special troubles here are beyond your imagination. There are various food temptations on both sides of the road, especially various octopus balls, which are said to be The best in Osaka. Of course, there are many tourists here, so be sure to pay attention to safety when visiting here.
Posted: Apr 21, 2019
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What kind of experience is living in a Japanese ninja house? Amoyed tatami B&B, originally thought it was an ordinary Japanese tatami. . . Just arrived in Japan with a connector code, like solving a riddle, in order to get the key to open the door, there is no hole in the house! The tatami is on the second floor, but the proprietress also opened an izakaya on the first floor. The proprietress said that during the day, we can give us tea performances. At night, we can come to drink, tell us that there is a tram at the door, and there is a cafe restaurant on the side. Said to give us a postcard of the hand-painted B&B, secretly said that this house has some small secrets, if you can't find it, remember to scan the code to see the video will prompt. Focus: The landlord is this beautiful boss! The next day, I also made an authentic Japanese breakfast for us to eat. Let us really feel the breakfast habits and culture of the locals like the locals. The boss also taught us some early breakfast when we were having breakfast. Book! On the third day, I said that I wanted to eat pasta, and the proprietress gave me a face. It was an accident to meet such a beautiful and beautiful boss. On the last night, I went to visit the izakaya of the proprietress. I had to stop drinking for half a year. I had to let my friend drink a few more cups for me. I would soon meet a group of Japanese uncles who lived in the surrounding area. English-speaking is also very interesting, and sure enough, the B&B is a shortcut to the local area. Until the last day to check out, we still couldn't find the secret of the Ninja House, so we had to scan the code to watch the video! ! ! After living for so many days, we didn't find out, the walls in the room could be pushed open! Don't have a hole after pushing it! There are game machines, computers, refrigerators, and a room with a balcony! Scorpio! I like this design too much! No wonder the Ninja House, this design has only been seen in the movie! strongly recommend this home in Osaka! The proprietress is super beautiful and the room rate is about three hundred points per day, so I can live around five people! Travel makes life like a movie.