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Things To Do in Pan'an

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JCNAbsolutely amazing experience on the glass bridge. It was amazing to be so high up in the mountains and walk across the bridge and take pbotos of the beautiful nature and environment from so high up
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嘻嘻小宝Jinhua Huai'an 18 Whirlpool Scenic Area has attracted many colleagues, so close to here, but few people know here. I would say it's a cool summer day and if you don't want to take pictures of everyone and enjoy the natural landscape, it's a good place to go now.
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Film Studio
HFThe studio is scattered apart from each other. You can choose to buy tickets for all the sites or just one site. As I did not have much time, I decided to visit The Palace of Emperor Qin. Many Chinese movies and dramas were shot here and reminded me of a few Chinese series that I had watched previously. Depending on your interest, you probably only need to spend an hour at the site unless you are like me who are really intrigued with the Chinese dynasty, the culture and traditions. It was a hot sunny day, not a smart idea to stand under the sun to watch the performance on the 99 steps. one can also dressed up as their favourite characters such as Miyue for photo taking. It’s best to hire a tour guide at the entrance to understand the Chinese history.
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M33***07The scenery is good. When you go, there are fewer people, quiet, down the mountain road all the way, don't feel tired, the surrounding scenery is pleasant, the brook is water, the shape is diverse, there is a sense of clear mountains and water and leaving the city, the price is high.
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268***32The transformed Huaxi is bigger than the original, but you have to take the battery car into the scenic spot, the battery car needs to pay an additional 20 yuan. During the Spring Festival, the scenic spot is still very warm, everyone sent a package of quaint sesame sugar.
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Film Studio
roiberadorIt was amazing! We tried 2 rides here. One was the 3D ride showing something about a dragon. It was in Chinese so we could not understand. Still it was nice. The 2nd one was the 5D ride comparable to the Soaring Over the Horizon in Shanghai Disney Resort. It was about a history of something. Still it was nice even if its in Chinese. We some some really good shows in the place like the monks doong some tricks. We also saw somebody doing a film over there.

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Gaolao MountainJinhua,China

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Shuangfeng DriftingJinhua,China

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Zhezhongda CanyonJinhua,China

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Pan'an Ski FieldJinhua,China

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Yunshuiyao Gaokong Amusement ParkJinhua,China

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Huataishan Forest ParkJinhua,China

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Pan'an Travel Tips

About Pan'an

Pan'an County is under the jurisdiction of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province and is known as the “Heart of Zhejiang.” Pan'an County is the main source of the Qiantang, Ou, Ling, and Cao'e rivers. It is rich in tourism resources. Pan'an’s Shibawo Scenic Area is also called the Grand Canyon of Zhejiang Province. The formation of the mountains created a beautiful landscape due to the intense carving up of the terrain and long-term erosion from the flowing water. There are also beautiful natural scenic spots such as Huaxi Scenic Area, Shuixiakong Scenic Resort, and Lingjiangyuan Scenic Area.

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Here are the best places to visit in Pan'an, including: Lingjiangyuan Scenic Area,Shibawo Scenic Resort,Huaxi (Flower River) Scenic Area
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