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Things To Do in Panjin

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Nature Reserve
M32***35The red beach on the sand gliding collection, vitality, although not suitable season, green fat red thin, but also do not have a scene, must be in the appropriate season landscape more, really worth a look. More to be advertised is the staff in the scenic area, the service is excellent, the attitude is excellent, we made mistakes in buying tickets for personal reasons, the staff of the scenic area helped us solve the problem. We thank the staff of the scenic area and praise their service.
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Hot Springs Resort
186***13This place is really great, the children are not willing to come out, go early in the morning, the water in the pool is quite clean, no need to see in the afternoon, it is spring, haha, there are a lot of buffet foods, you can eat anything you want, frozen shrimp and salmon, I like to eat it. The water in the pool is warm. If you keep playing, there is no problem. Stand alone, it's still a bit cold.
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206***20It's good to take the child to play. This recommendation is convenient. It's not far from the city. The crescent spring did not go. I don't know where it is fun and fun. The parking lot is small. The electronic ticket collection is very troublesome and it's a long time. There is a long queue, not very convenient
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320***16The scenery is good, it is recommended, interesting and fun, and the experience is very good. It is recommended that everyone go to the restaurant to have something to eat. The aunt is very kind and clean, and is the most responsible chef I have ever seen!
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Amusement Park
存存zcc🔥The first choice for weekend leisure trips for parents and children~Panjin Colorful Manor👍 Location is Ping'an Street, Dawa District, Panjin, Liaoning Opening hours of the scenic spot: 8:00-17:30 Ticket type: There are many ticket types such as parent-child combination of one big and one small [Price ratio] 💗Recommended reason: The scenic area is very large, with animal areas, amusement areas, picking periods, and water park areas. 💯 Suitable for taking pictures, playing with children, going out with friends, etc. The most impressive are musical fountains, rockery and waterfalls, spectacular scenery, bumper cars, music carousels, pirate ships, small trains, and other novel and fun entertainment projects. 🔥 📌Small Tips: There are electric cars and bicycles for rent at the entrance of the scenic spot. The scenic spot is very big, and there is nothing wrong with renting one😎 👖Wear a red army uniform, walk the Long March road once, sing a red army song, listen to a history of the Long March, eat a copper pot meal, 🙋 relive the oath! Let the "Long March spirit shine forever"! 【taste】 🔥Red Army clothing beauty shots, Xi'an Terracotta Warriors and Horses Tour Exhibition, Zoos, rare bird gardens, tropical fruits, etc. Preferential policy: Free admission for those under 1.3 meters, over 70 years old, disabled, and active military personnel with valid certificates
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City Park
小事儿旅游The Lakeside Park in Panjin, Liaoning has been rebuilt and basically completed, and all the supporting facilities have been completed. . Now it’s better than before, and now you don’t have to pay to enter the park. There are also clean bathrooms. . . Much stronger. well. There are also many people. .

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Hubin ParkPanjin,China

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Yuanyang Gully Tourism ResortPanjin,China

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Liaodongwan Jinbotan Tourist ZonePanjin,China

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Dahongtu BathingPanjin,China

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Lilongshi Memorial HallPanjin,China

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Tianbao Longyan Yanyi SquarePanjin,China

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About Panjin

Panjin is located in the southwestern part of Liaoning Province. Liaodong Bay borders it to the south and Shenyang borders it to the northeast. This is one of China's most well known petrochemical cities. Panjin is located in the Liaohe Oilfield, which is the third-largest oil field in China. The oil field is not only the leading local industry but also a rarely seen industrial attraction. Panjin also has unique natural scenery. The world-famous magnificent landscape of the Red Beach attracts tens of thousands of tourists—both Chinese and foreign—every year.

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Here are the best places to visit in Panjin, including: Red Beach National Scenic Corridor,Honghai Wetlands Hot Springs Paradise,Beilu Garden
You could try South China Culture Park,Hubin Park,Qicai Manor,Red Beach Hot Spring Resort,Panjin Jeju Island Hot Springs in Panjin
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