Parras de la Fuente
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Things To Do in Parras de la Fuente

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M59***25The plants unique to the desert can be seen here. From the top of the mountain, you can overlook the entire city of Chatillo. It is beautiful and has a lot of animal fossils, especially the dinosaur fossils. It seems to have traveled to the dinosaur century!
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无目的闲逛In the small town of Monterey, tourists are all Chinese. There are many small towns like the United States. Why is this place a tourist attraction? There is no special place. China has more beautiful places than it.
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_FB***26big museum with a lot of Mexican history,u can spend easily 3 hours there reading and learning about the history of Monterrey
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棱角甜不甜Checked in with me and claimed that the most beautiful church in northern Mexico is indeed the most beautiful church in Mexico. After coming around this church, I felt that this church really came from a temple in heaven? It's too beautiful. [Address]: Catedral de Santiago 700 Zona Sin Asignación de Nombre de Colonia, 25115 Saltillo, COAH, Mexico City. The exterior of this church is really gorgeous and atmospheric, and the overall look is very solemn and solemn. The white aid of the elaborate carvings at the architectural level makes the church more sacred and majestic. These exquisite carvings undoubtedly do not highlight the unique and status of this church. From a distance, you can feel the kind The gorgeousness and extravagance that came, not to mention the shocking beauty after walking in. The doors of this church are also very beautifully carved, they are really like works of art. Entering the inside of the church, the interior of the church is more gorgeous than the outside, all kinds of exquisite sculptures, all kinds of carefully carved reliefs, all kinds of colorful murals, and the one on the wall The tall stained glass makes this church more mysterious and sacred. The others probably look like they were moved out of the palace, which is really very beautiful.

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Vinedos Don LeoParras de la Fuente,Mexico

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Iglesia de Santo MaderoParras de la Fuente,Mexico

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