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A rose-red city with a history of half the history of mankind.

19th century British poet J.W.Bacon's poem, called Petra known as the "Rose Red City." Known for its color of rock, Petra is hidden in a narrow canyon that connects the Dead Sea to the Aqaba Strait. It was once an important trading center and the capital of the Edom State.
This fire is all over the ins of the network red card, is the world's seven wonders. This is a place that is amazing at a glance, so even if Petra needs to walk a long way, the tickets are called the most expensive in the world, and it does not hinder the tourists who are eager to catch up. After all, this is a unique site. Petra is the capital of the kingdom established by the Nabateans. The Nabateans were ancient Arab merchants who traded in southern Canaan and northern Arabia.

About the 4th century BC, the Nabateans were all Petra;

1st century BC, Petra reached its peak and prospered;

In 106 AD, Petra was captured by the Roman Emperor Trajan and became a province of the empire, but it was still a popular tourist route;

Later, the maritime trade of the Red Sea rose, replacing In the land trade, Petra quickly declined;

Petra has become an abandoned empty city when the Arab army occupied it in the 7th century.

Now in the ancient city of Petra, in addition to hiking, you can also take a tour of taxi and camel taxis. You can feel the scene of Arab merchants walking through Petra two thousand years ago, but keep up with the times, now The camel also comes with free Wi-Fi.
Mimo Chiu
Little Petra
Walking on the high slopes of Jordan, looking for the disappearing Nabat civilization, the city of roses [Petra] .

The ancient city of Petra is the most long-awaited place I have come to Jordan. It is the location of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and is one of Jordan's most prestigious monuments, along with the Great Wall and the Taj Mahal. Known as the Seven Wonders of the World. Because of the special geographical features of the ancient city, the rocks of the site have a coral-like reddish hue, and under the sunlight, natural reflections are dazzling. Since then, people have given it a very beautiful name, "City of Roses".

The most famous in the ancient city is the "Kazni Temple" in Figure 5. In the first century BC, how did the Arab nomadic Nabateans build this majestic temple? The meaning of the patterns and words on the stone cliff is still a mystery.

The general tour group is almost over before you bring everyone to the temple, but I want Amway to be a top secret private photo spot! From an ancient hiking trail behind the Royal tomb, climb all the way up, about two hours, you can reach the top of the mountain overlooking the temple, is also the ins network red punch card holy place! The walking process is desperate, but the result is definitely sweat back!

When a wild travel blogger is not easy, I walked for 9 hours in the ancient city, jumping up and down with my hands and feet, crawling over the cliffs of the temple and sharing it with everyone!
Coco Wang
The ancient city of Petra is very large. It takes a whole day to complete the tour. You must prepare water and dry food to replenish your energy. PS: There are also Cokes sold inside, but the domestic two glass bottles should sell 15-20.
There are four main essences in the ancient city (see map below), Kazni Temple, Tomb of the Kings, Roman Avenue and Dale Abbey. There is a sacrificial platform between the Kazini Temple and the Roman Theatre. It needs to detour to the mountain (with road signs), where you can overlook the ancient city, the scenery is good, the road takes about half an hour, and the physical strength is good. Don't miss it.
From the ticket office to the ancient city of Rome, the road is relatively flat, the road is good, there are also donkeys or camels can travel, but from the ancient Roman city to the Dale Abbey is a slope, 5KM, 1800 steps, not recommended physical strength Bad old people and children to climb.
Single day ticket 50JD (early morning, one day is enough to tour), double day ticket 55JD, three day ticket 60JD. There are no student tickets, no group tickets, no preferential policies, unless you have a local Jordanian student ID or work permit, you can enjoy the local price of 1JD.
In addition to the day ticket, Petra also has a night ticket, 12JD, about three days a week, enter at night, can only go through the snake road to the door of the Kazini Temple, the temple will be full of candles, With the explanation and traditional music, quietly enjoy the temple under the night and candlelight.
JOJO’s wonderful trip