Trip Moments

Little Petra
Walking on the high slopes of Jordan, looking for the disappearing Nabat civilization, the city of roses [Petra] . The ancient city of Petra is the most long-awaited place I have come to Jordan. It is the location of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and is one of Jordan's most prestigious monuments, along with the Great Wall and the Taj Mahal. Known as the Seven Wonders of the World. Because of the special geographical features of the ancient city, the rocks of the site have a coral-like reddish hue, and under the sunlight, natural reflections are dazzling. Since then, people have given it a very beautiful name, "City of Roses". The most famous in the ancient city is the "Kazni Temple" in Figure 5. In the first century BC, how did the Arab nomadic Nabateans build this majestic temple? The meaning of the patterns and words on the stone cliff is still a mystery. The general tour group is almost over before you bring everyone to the temple, but I want Amway to be a top secret private photo spot! From an ancient hiking trail behind the Royal tomb, climb all the way up, about two hours, you can reach the top of the mountain overlooking the temple, is also the ins network red punch card holy place! The walking process is desperate, but the result is definitely sweat back! When a wild travel blogger is not easy, I walked for 9 hours in the ancient city, jumping up and down with my hands and feet, crawling over the cliffs of the temple and sharing it with everyone!
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