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Governors IslandNearby City

Governors Island

4.5/547 Reviews
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"When you come to New York, you must check the Statue of Liberty If you want to see the goddess up close, most tourists choose to take a cruise on Liberty Island, and they need a long line (even if the tickets are booked online) to go to liberty island. It is not a dream to queue for two hours on holidays. ✌Ferry tickets and visit tickets cost about 170 yuan. But, to be honest, if you just want to see the whole picture of the goddess, don’t need close-ups, and don’t need to know more historical stories, then it’s enough to come to Governor’s Island ❗️❗️ Address: Governors Island, New York, NY 10004 ⏰Business hours: Open from May 1st to October 31st Monday to Thursday 10:00-18:00 Friday and Saturday 10:00-22:00 (Late night until September 1st) Sunday 10:00-18:00 Traffic strategy: Just take the New York City Subway N/R, get off at Whitehall Street and you will reach the southernmost ferry area in Lower Manhattan. The ferry usually departs on the hour and the return journey is also true. Featured: 1⃣High cost performance, free to go to the island, and a round-trip ferry is only 3 dollars, you can enjoy a free tour. The island has a wide view, overlooking the panoramic view of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan, picnics, camping, and rental bicycles around the island 2⃣ Governor’s Island used to be a US military base with many old red brick buildings. Planted a lot of flowers and grasses, come here to take pictures when the spring flowers bloom, beyond the film 3⃣ There are two or three restaurants on the pier on the island. Under the colorful umbrellas, the sea breeze blows, and you can see the buildings in Manhattan. It is very pleasant. Because I went too early, the restaurant selling oysters did not open, only a Mexican-style taco shop just opened, so I blindly ordered a mexico burger and a bottle of soda, oh my god, it’s super delicious ❤️❤️❤️The burger looks ugly Hey, bite down the fragrant and juicy beef to hit the taste buds, and I can’t help but eat it all in one breath ❗️Drink another sip of soda, and be satisfied with a burp Practical tips: 1⃣Be sure to wear light shoes~ If you walk around the island, it will look like eight or nine kilometers 2⃣There are many beverage vending machines on the island, but there are few mineral waters, almost all of which are carbonated drinks. It is recommended that you bring your own if you have control over your calorie intake. 3⃣The ecological environment on the island is better, so there will be bees (look at the last picture, a bee is attracted by my soda), flies and the most annoying mosquitoes. Try to spray mosquito repellent water. Don’t ask how I know, I won’t show you the bag on your lap"
Ship Bottom BeachNearby City

Ship Bottom Beach

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"In the midsummer heat wave, you have to come to this beach to see this beach is really beautiful, its sand is very clean, and the sand is also very soft and comfortable, you step on it like stepping on cotton. , And there is no rubbish. There are relatively few tourists here, which is considered a relatively unpopular attraction, so the beach with few people is really super fun, and there are also many water facilities here, including speedboats and snorkeling, and you can rent a boat by yourself. Then go fishing or play volleyball on the beach is also very good. There are also many people who sunbathe here, and the sun here is not particularly strong, so sunbathing is the most suitable, and it will not hurt here. There are also a lot of cafes and bars, there are many restaurants there, and the seafood in those restaurants is particularly delicious, because he is more delicious, because his seafood is very fresh, it is still delicious, really very It is recommended to go to these places to eat seafood, and in the evening you can also drink in the bar. I think it’s really relaxing in the bar because you can chat with other people while listening to music. It’s really free Of course, the pressure comes to the beach. What you must not miss is to go diving. The diving process is really fun, because the water here has not been polluted, so it is especially clear and transparent. Address: Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island, NJ Transportation Method: Self-driving tour is better"