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Trip photos of Pine Apple island. It is in Phu Quoc of Vietnam. You can see a beautiful souvenir shop in the first picture. The second picture is enriched with nice wall decoration. The third one is showing a restaurant of the island. #givethanks
Posted: Dec 15, 2019
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Phu Quoc Island,Recommendations
Going out to sea, catching clouds and clouds as lunch
each island has a day trip project to the sea. Although the development level of Phu Quoc Island is low, there are also many local travel agencies operating projects. Fuguo Island is basically a sea fishing + snorkeling project. The fish caught can be added to lunch, and you can eat the fish you have just caught. As soon as the boat sailed out of the dock, the sea was blue, and the water was clear, and a dreamy cloud reflection appeared on the sea.
When you drive to the outer sea, it will stop. Next, it is the official fishing. A thin line of thread, with a bait hook and a small lead block hanging below, throwing the line to the surface of the sea, the hook is free to fall with the lead in the water, and when the lead reaches the bottom of the sea, it will stop automatically. Wrap up 3-4 times and wait patiently for the fish to hook up. The fish caught are small fish, and the species of the fish are also relatively simple, but the sea fishing experience is still fun to harvest. The boatman will slaughter the production on the spot and become our lunch for the event, 100% fresh.
The end of the sea fishing, the boat will drive the boat to the shallower waters, which is the area where everyone will snorkel. The shoal is covered with coral and it is said that there are not many fish. The water quality here is really good, and the weather is good that day, the seashore near the shore is like blue-green glass, crystal clear in the sun. However, although the water quality is good here, the quality of the underwater corals and fish stocks is obvious at a glance, so there is no plan to go on.
So come to Phu Quoc Island, if it is for the purpose of diving, it is absolutely unnecessary to choose the sea; if it is to enrich the journey, experience the pleasure of a sea fishing and swim in the sea, you can consider it.
Shirley Zhu
Phu Quoc Island,Recommendations
Phu Quoc Island specialty purchase strategy
In all, the recommended must buy pearls, fish sauce and pepper.
pepper is recommended to buy from the pepper farm pepper farm. You can visit the pepper plantation, orange or orange-red pepper is the ripe fruit. If you see this color, you can pick it up and try it. There is a shop next to the pepper garden, you can go in and buy a variety of pepper products. A variety of pepper products can buy ten get one free, one bottle is 55,000 VND (about 17 yuan), if you buy ten get one, it will be even more super The value is up.
Phu Quoc Island is rich in pearls. It is recommended to go to the pearl factory NGOC HIEN PEARL (PEARL FARM) on the island. Phu Quoc Island is a famous producer of Vietnamese pearls. It even hired Australian experts to guide them. The prices are cheap and expensive. If you choose according to your preference, it will be OK. The price of freshwater pearls is very close to the people, such as a pearl bracelet of 40-500,000 VND (about 125-156 yuan), seawater pearl 18K gold inlaid sea pearl pendant (including 18K gold necklace) 10.5 million (about 3,281 yuan). If you buy more than 2 million VND, you can get 10% off. You can cut the price with the guide. Remember to use the UnionPay credit card. The exchange rate is the most cost-effective.

Fish Dew is of course going to the Fish Sauce Factory in Phu Quoc Island, where you can visit the fish sauce fermentation and filling plant and introduce the general situation. You can also try the fish sauce here. After that, you can buy packaged bottled fish sauce at a store near the factory.
Phu Quoc Island,Recommendations
Phu Quoc Island Forest Park, feel the sea before the tropical tropics, take a deep breath here.
You can hike. The Phu Quoc National Forest Park is located in the northern Ham Rong area, where there are winding red clay trails and many rare plants. It is known as the "green lung" of Phu Quoc Island. Converging the natural beauty of forests, oceans, springs, waterfalls, and hills, the top of the mountain looks down on a green ocean and stretches to the blue of the sky. Many beautiful rivers are worth exploring. This is part of the city tour of Phu Quoc Island. The forest vegetation is not dense, and there is no imagination of the darkness and mystery of the original rainforest. It is not so much a forest park as it is a small park. It is slower and more than an hour. .
There are many funny and lovely sculptures in the garden, which attract the eyes of the children. The wonderful thing is that even the masters and apprentices of Journey to the West have four! In the center of the park, there is a rockery that is covered with pangolin sculptures. It is the main sculpture in the park, and many tourists have taken photos. In order to capture a picture of no one, I waited for a long time.
The plants in the garden are a highlight. The tropical flowers of paradise, daffodils and small daisies in Southeast Asia are colourful and green. The typical tropical vegetation such as coconut trees can be seen everywhere in the garden. As soon as the sky rises and the sky is blue and blue, the white clouds drift away. It is realized that we have moved away from the city and came to this tropical island where few people care about it. Perhaps a forest park in the southern cities of China can surpass this place, but if you are afraid that the island is too much to do, you can come here and take the time to take a step.
Shirley Zhu
Phu Quoc Island,Recommendations
Vinpearl Land Phú Quốc
Pearl Paradise, Ocean Park and Disney's mix
park have two big castles, one called king castle, and the other is no suspense called Queen Castle. This king castle is the main building in the park, a little bit of Disney Castle. Inside the king castle is a restaurant, you can rest for a light meal or something, the price is very OK. Inside the Queen Castle is a 5D cinema.
The aquarium of Phu Quoc Island is not as good as the ocean world of Chimelong, but it is less than a small number of people. Many times, the submarine tunnel is only us. Here, it is a veritable fish more than people. In addition to large fish tanks, tunnels, and small bathtubs, the aquarium is home to similar marine life. Its also quite worth seeing, and weve been watching it for a long time with great interest. There is also a touch pool, some of which are mollusks like starfish, which can be touched by children and feel the touch from the ocean. The
outdoor area's amusement equipment is suitable for people of all ages, and big friends and children can find their love. The Ferris wheel is still very recommended to sit. When you go up, you can overlook the park and even the Pearl Golf in the distance, including the coastline. When the lights are lit at night, the Ferris wheel is also very beautiful. The water park is also a highlight of the pearl. You can bring your swimsuit. There is also a video game city + children's park suitable for families with babies, all the areas and equipment are free.
Finally, the musical fountain show in Pearl Paradise is only available at night. The colorful fountain is very shocking and worth seeing.
Shirley Zhu