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Things To Do in Pingchang

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M51***79The scenery is beautiful and beautiful! The air quality is good! Fotoushan Forest Park in Pingchang County, Sichuan Province is located on the north side of Jiangkou Town, where the county seat is located. Tonghe, Bahe, and Longtan are coiled on three sides, surrounded by mountains and surrounded by mountains, like a star arched moon. Fotou Mountain is named after the legend "Avalokitesvara sent a Buddha head boy to guard the Longtan Creek". The scenic area has an operating area of 293 hectares, an altitude of 400-723 meters, and a forest coverage rate of 90[%]. In 2002, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau approved it as an AA-level scenic spot. In 2003, it was approved as a national-level forest park as an important part of Zhenlongshan National Forest Park. In December 2013, an expert group from the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Department inspected and accepted the construction of a national 4A-level scenic spot in Fotou Mountain Scenic Area.
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麻利贝贝哄It’s just so-so. There are some rafting and surfing pools here, but I don’t think it’s fully completed. The fare is a bit expensive. If it’s cheaper, people will probably play more.
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Glass Skywalk
战斗小豆芽MatthewIt feels OK to play, the skate rope is more exciting, my wife wants to spend more than an hour, still don't have the courage to play, next time you must try it. There are many snacks inside. Good value for money, good scenery,
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288***60The Baling Terrace is built on a large rock, majestic and tall, with a wide view and a bird's eye view of the mountains.
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D56***73The scenic spots are generally good, but insufficient development has caused a series of problems. The infrastructure needs to be greatly improved. There are many narrow roads to the scenic spots, and the logistics services in the scenic spots are not high enough. Please bring your own lunch to the scenic spots. Now there are few people. The performance is gone. But the scenery is nice and the air is good, some big pine trees, after all, are virgin forests, there are areas for children to play, which is very cool, adults also have fun, and there are hammocks, lying in the sun for children to play next to it super cool, Prince Prince The rock is a bit tall and scary. In addition, I would like to remind everyone that I heard that there are young monks cheating on money. Be careful not to worship Buddha casually, or you may lose a lot of money. Of course, if you are a martial artist, you can also try it. I'll be fine if the price drops a bit.

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Fotoushan Forest ParkBazhong,China

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Balingtai Scenic AreaBazhong,China

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Nantianmen Tourism Sceneic AreaBazhong,China

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Pingchangxian ArchivesBazhong,China

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Nantianmen Senlin Yundong ParkBazhong,China

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Arrow Horse Water Town Grand CanyonBazhong,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Pingchang, including: Fotoushan Forest Park,Arrow Horse Water Town Grand Canyon,Balingtai Scenic Area
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