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Things To Do in Pingluo

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    Yinmahu ParkShizuishan,China

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    Chairman Mao Badge Memorial HallShizuishan,China

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    Yinchuan Damoshahu Ski AreasShizuishan,China

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    Ten Thousand Mu of Lotus GardenShizuishan,China

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    Desert Road Wonders Scenic AreaShizuishan,China

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    Ningxia Farming MuseumShizuishan,China

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    Pingluo Travel Tips

    About Pingluo

    Pingluo County is situated in the north of the Ningxia Plain, and is the only county within Shizuishan City. To its east is the Yellow River, and to its west are the Helan Mountains. Pingluo County has been known as a land of fish and rice and a wealthy place in northwest China since ancient times, and is said to “bear comparison with the water towns south of the Yangtze River.” The area is rich in natural resources, particularly in terms of minerals, the variety and output of which rank number one in Ningxia. The county’s tourist attractions include Shahu Lake, one of China’s top 35 tourist spots, which combines the beauty of a southern water town with a desert landscape, and is a great place for bird watching. It has a famous Taoist temple, the Jade Emperor Pavilion, in the west, as well as the Binggou Tourist Area, Tianzhou Ancient Tower, and the ruins of the Ancient Great Wall.

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    Here are the best places to visit in Pingluo, including: Shahu Lake,Ten Thousand Mu of Lotus Garden,Nile Scenic Area
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