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Tianyan Telescope
The Astronomical Experience Hall in Pingtang Tianwen Town has four permanent exhibition areas, a high-tech special theater, a science and art gallery, a theme activity area and a temporary exhibition area, which interprets cosmos, life, people. Eternal theme. In the Astronomical Experience Hall, you can learn about the history of human exploration of the universe, including the cosmology and related inventions of ancient Chinese. There is a space-time tunnel that simulates a black hole in the Astronomical Experience Hall. Crossing is a wonderful feeling. In reality, objects are shattered by strong gravitational force before they are close to the black hole, and it is impossible to walk through it freely, but If you open the brain hole, it is another world. Rockets, space capsules, spaceships, astronauts in the experience hall show one by one, for these space elements, the Chinese are both familiar and unfamiliar. Fortunately, because of its powerful national power, China has made unprecedented breakthroughs in exploring space and exploring the universe. Also see the alien model in the experience hall. Radio astronomy is one of the protagonists of the experience museum. It is an important branch of astronomy. The objects of observation include various celestial bodies inside and outside the solar system. Along the tour guide, there is a simulated space capsule in front of you, walking in the "space capsule", there is a feeling of roaming interstellar.
Pingtang International Astronomical Experience Hall
China's vast land and resources, all kinds of terrain, so you have to sigh the magic of nature. For example, Guizhou's typical karst landforms, peaks and peaks, are magnificent, and just under this landform, in the south of Guizhou, a small town, the famous astronomical town, was established. Speaking of Pingtang, many people may not know that it is called Tianwen Town. It is located in the depths of the mountains of Pingtang County, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. This is located in the small mountain town of Weinan, on September 25, 2016. The day was known as the 500-meter spherical radio telescope (FAST) was completed in the karst pit of Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. Since it is strictly forbidden to carry any electronic equipment into the sky, it is even more impossible to take pictures. Therefore, the model in the astronomical experience museum is used to show that the sky is the pot we commonly call. It claims to be the farthest place on earth. Tianyan was built in 22 years. It is also China's independent intellectual property rights, the world's largest single-caliber, the most sensitive radio telescope. If you come to the astronomical town and want to see the sky, you can sit on the ferry after you have stored all the electronic equipment at the ticket gate. The car went to the Tianyan scenic spot. There is still a distance from the town to the sky, and the shuttle bus runs along the mountain road. The town built a relatively European style on the mountain, the roof is particularly beautiful, and it seems to be like Switzerland from the air. China's celestial eye catalyzed this astronomical town. Although it is located in the mountains, it seems to be isolated from the world, but the architectural style is full of science and the sense of the future, full of astronomical elements. The town has complete facilities, eating, drinking and having fun, but you need to buy tickets if you want to see the planetarium and theater here. The Astronomical Experience Hall is a must-have place here. It combines art and technology perfectly, tells the knowledge of the universe in the form of science, and 3D is a star theater. In addition, there is Tianmu Street in the town. Going forward is the Observatory. When you climb the top of the tower during the full moon, you can use the telescope to see the moon more than 300,000 kilometers away. The town can enter for free, but if you want to see the sky or astronomical telescope, you need another set of tickets. The astronomical town is very suitable for parent-child play, you can bring your baby to learn astronomical knowledge.
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