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Mengshan (mu) Kang Gu hot spring resort
Guimeng Scenic Area, Yimeng Mountain
It is 389 meters lower than Taishan Mountain, and the second highest peak in Shandong is in Linyi. It is also a famous mountain in the famous cultural mountain Shandong, with the reputation of Mount Tai as the largest. Taishan has been a famous mountain in the world since ancient times. It has been blessed by the imperial monarchs of various dynasties. It is the head of the Five Sacred Mountains, leaving countless stone carvings and allusions. Taishan is also the highest peak in Shandong Province, with an elevation of 1,545 meters. Many people in Shandong are not familiar with the second peak in Shandong. Mengshan in the Yimeng Mountain, its Mengmeng Peak is 1156 meters above sea level, 389 meters lower than Taishan Mountain, which is the second highest peak in Shandong. Mengshan was called "Dongshan" in ancient times, and it was Dongshan in Confucius's "Dengdong Mountain and Xiaolu, Dengtai Mountain and Small World". At the top of the turtle, there is a place where "Confucius Xiaolu" is left. Yimeng Mountain is a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot, divided into two parts: Lushan and Mengshan, while Mengshan is divided into two scenic spots, Guimeng and Yunmeng. Guimeng Scenic Area is located in Pingyi County of Linyi City. It is known as Aachen, second only to Mount Tai, and it is also a famous cultural mountain. The great poets of the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai and Du Fu, accompanied him to the Mengshan Mountain. Tang Xuanzong once led the group to board the Mengshan Mountain. The Northern Song Dynasty writer Su Shideng Mengshan wrote "Do not be surprised by the sea mulberry field change. "The famous sentence." Mengshan is a well-developed tourist attraction. If you don't want to go hiking, you can take a sightseeing bus down the mountain and go straight to the top of the turtle. You can climb to the top in just a few minutes and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Gui Mengding is named after a giant tortoise. In fact, many turtle-like landforms can be found in the Guimeng Scenic Area, which is a geological wonder. This year, UNESCO approved Yimengshan as the World Geopark. At the top of the hill at 1156 meters above sea level, the mountain scenery is unobstructed. The top of the mountain is a huge viewing platform. The cool breeze from the mountain is blowing from time to time. It is also a summer resort. Mengshan has always been a health resort. The forest coverage rate of the mountain is over 90%. It is a natural oxygen bar. The longevity health culture has a long history here, and there are many scenic spots on the mountain. The Mountain Palace is built in the Northern Song Dynasty. There is a cliff path in the mountains, so visitors can easily enjoy the scenery. The glass bridge on the mountain has also become a network red spot in recent years, and young tourists have come to check in. Eagle Peak is a famous landscape in the scenic area of Guimeng. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that there is no eagle nest, and it is a mountain line. Going to the Shoutai to pray for health and longevity, there is one of the world's largest stone statues of the longevity on the opposite side of the mountain, and it is also part of the longevity culture of Mengshan.
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