Port Macquarie
Port Macquarie-Hastings Council
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Things To Do in Port Macquarie

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pxy0705This is a small lighthouse in Port Macquarie, but the scenery is really infinitely good. The local old people like to bask in the winter sun most. It’s really comfortable. Looking at the ocean, if you are lucky, you can see whales here. It will really make you very excited.
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zhweieiThe Koala Hospital is a place where some injured koalas are placed for free to visit. You can buy some souvenirs to support it. Inside is the world’s oldest koala. It is 26 years old, equivalent to more than 100 years of human life. Each has its own space and introduction.
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十曲桥Unlike the zoos in Sydney and Melbourne, the feature here is that you can get close to the animals, but you must strictly follow the schedule, otherwise you will miss it. It is recommended to enter the kindergarten before 1 pm, so that all activities can be experienced. See panada in the manual, I can't believe that there will be our national treasure here. When I asked, I found out that they called the giant panda giantpanda, and the one here is actually a red panda. The man also said that they really want to own a panda, hehe!
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xhjjcltDuring our self-driving journey from Sydney to the Gold Coast, we lived in this small town for a night. It was less than 17 o'clock when I arrived, the town was not very populated, and the town center was quite lively. The place where we live is close to the seaside park, clean and tidy green grass, unknown seabirds swim in the water, and yachts in the distance berth and swing with the wind. The stones on the bank are full of graffiti, and the car camp is full of vacation vehicles. We not only saw the beautiful sunset, but also enjoyed the morning sunrise and the people surfing. Although it was only a short night, I fell in love with it.
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City Park
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Billabong Koala and Wildlife ParkPort Macquarie-Hastings Council,Australia

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Roto HousePort Macquarie-Hastings Council,Australia

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Glasshouse Port MacquariePort Macquarie-Hastings Council,Australia

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Mrs York's GardenPort Macquarie-Hastings Council,Australia

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Port Macquarie AirportPort Macquarie-Hastings Council,Australia

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Hastings RiverPort Macquarie-Hastings Council,Australia

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