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42 things to do found in Port Macquarie
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Tacking Point Lighthouse

Tacking Point Lighthouse

4.7/57 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 1117 reviews
"This is a small lighthouse in Port Macquarie, but the scenery is really infinitely good. The local old people like to bask in the winter sun most. It’s really comfortable. Looking at the ocean, if you are lucky, you can see whales here. It will really make you very excited."
Forest Sky Pier

Forest Sky PierNearby City

4.8/55 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 34 reviews
Observation Deck
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"This Sealy lookout is on the west side of Coffs Harbour. It is said that at this vantage point, you can overlook the entire town and the sea. If you are lucky in the season, you can also see whales. So I decided to go by car. The mountain road is very long and difficult to drive. It took more than half an hour from the town to arrive. There is a large platform that stretches out, you can really see the whole town, but the sea is still too far away, let alone whale watching, haha."
The Big Banana Fun Park

The Big Banana Fun ParkNearby City

4.5/52 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 1918 reviews
Open from 1/1-1/31,9:00am-5:00pm;Open from 2/1-11/30,9:00am-4:30pm;Open from 12/1-12/31,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"I like big.banana and bought a bunch of banana pens. Hahaha, Australia can really turn into postcards with just a shot! I really miss those days, I might have such a life again"
Coffs Harbour Jetty

Coffs Harbour JettyNearby City

5/53 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 93 reviews
"In Coffs Harbour, we went around from the beach and saw a long plank road leading to the depths of the sea on the other side. On the side road of the plank road, a few children, barefoot and wearing bikinis, were playing skateboarding, and fitness equipment. They walked up the trestle bridge along the side road of the wooden floor. They suddenly became enlightened. Pedestrians in twos and threes walked together, chatting and laughing, and the trestle bridge. Someone was fishing at the end of the village, and I kept my head out when I saw the fish, and the sky was red from the setting sun."
Smoky Cape Lighthouse

Smoky Cape LighthouseNearby City

ta-iconbased on 478 reviews
"Like a dream, I am in a place like a picture. In my life, I must travel to Australia. I have read there before in books, and I am full of infinite yearning for the environment and nature there. When I grow up, I am determined to go to my favorite place alone. I take Southwest Rock as my destination to Australia because it is beautiful and lingering. Being there is like a painting, and you want to stay in the painting. Marveled all the way to Southwest Rock. Under the recommendation of a good friend, I went to a scenic spot, Smoky Cape Lighthouse. On the way there, my good friend told me to be mentally prepared, not to go screaming silly, although I did Okay, I built my heart, but when I got there, I still didn't hold back and screamed all the way. Really, I want to go there especially for friends who love hiking. The scenery there is so beautiful that you can suffocate you. The hiking route is also along the coastline, where the sea blue is shiny and the same color as the sky. Of course, everyone should not miss a white tower there. At the time, I trot up alone, and I was so tired. When I came to the tower, I looked into the distance, as if I were a poet. The sea breeze blowing in the distance, with the fragrance of the surrounding green grass, was very pleasant. It would be perfect if you prepare a little snack and drink when you go. I heard from the surrounding travellers that if you are lucky, you can see a lot of wild animals, like kangaroos, but I didn’t see them when I went there. Friends who are going to go can try their luck. Although there is no small animal, the scenery there is perfect, so be sure to check it out. Warm suggestions: 1. Number of people: It is better to personally mind the number of people, because the place is larger and the number of people is more powerful. 2. How to play: It is recommended to hike, the scenery is beautiful and it is recommended to enjoy it slowly. 3. Note: If you go to the tower. Need to go on foot, because cars and bicycles are forbidden there."
North Coast Regional Botanic Garden

North Coast Regional Botanic GardenNearby City

5/52 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 301 reviews
"When leaving the town of Coffs Harbour, we chose to visit the botanical gardens in the North Coast area. We learned from other websites that it was not too big. It used to be a garbage dump. The old look changed to a new one. There is no need to buy tickets for the small garden. The staff greeted each visitor very enthusiastically. In the botanical garden, the plants are marked with the place of origin. We saw that there are also plants in China, small bridges and flowing water, lotus ponds, wandering around, watching the busy figure of the garden staff, We must cherish everything around us."
Harrington Breakwall

Harrington BreakwallNearby City

ta-iconbased on 90 reviews
Port Stephens

Port StephensNearby City

4.5/512 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The dolphin watching in Port Stephens, Australia is so unique. When we meet up close, the dolphins will jump in front of us, jumping under the boat and swimming in groups. If you are lucky, you will jump on the boat to meet you and take pictures. It's a harbour worth visiting."
Northbank Community Garden

Northbank Community GardenNearby City

ta-iconbased on 12 reviews
Newcastle City Hall Function Center

Newcastle City Hall Function CenterNearby City

5/51 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 19 reviews
City Hall
"Just held a 3 day engineering conference here. The room was excellent, set up great, IT worked perfectly. The staff were super helpful and professional. The two guys who were my contacts each day were super helpful, nothing was too much trouble. We had to walk down two flights of stairs to the room for morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea and poster board display. No one seemed to mind too much though. The catering staff on Friday and Saturday were particularly friendly.Overall highly recommend! Great price too." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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