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Trip Moments

Charles Bridge
Two times to the Charles Bridge, they were all dumped by the same scenery: the Prague Castle and the red-top building under the clear sky and the Vltava River shine!

There is a saying in the folks that it is only after passing the Charles Bridge 9 times that it has been to Prague! In order to find the best position, I dont know how many times I went back and forth. I found that the scenery I saw on the Charles Bridge was really different!

There are 30 statues of the saints on the Charles Bridge, all from the masterpieces of the Baroque masters of the Czech Republic from the 17th to the 18th century. They are called European Open Baroque Statue Gallery by Europeans. The most famous is the 8th statue of St. John on the right side of the bridge. When passing through his statue, people will touch the relief of St. John on the pier and pray for themselves.

There is a bridge in the river, there is a story in the bridge, and the Charles Bridge is such a bridge full of stories...

1934, lying quietly in Vienna Kafka in the suburban sanatorium asked his friends to write down the last sentence of his life: "My life and inspiration are all from the great Charles Bridge."

The famous Czech thinker Michal Said: "Only by reading Kafka's work, you will understand the Jewish complex of the Charles Bridge. There is a strong nostalgia in the lines."

This is the origin of the Charles Bridge, and finally Ten years after Kafka died, he moved the Czechs. Today's Czechs say: "Milan Kundera has no country, and Kafka has not only the motherland but also the people."
Strahov Library
Strahov Monastery Theological Library
Old Town
Prague Information Service
Prague net red restaurant recommended:
U Kroka This is one of the local net red restaurants, tastes good, and the price is good, so it is worth recommending. Moreover, the degree of redness of this restaurant needs to be booked online in advance by e-mail. If you want to book an e-mail address, you can subscribe to it. Confirmation of the reservation will send you a reply email, and there must be a location at the determined time! This is very good, you can eat online red restaurant without waiting in line. The

restaurant is located near the Gaobao District, and many people will watch the sunset in Gaobao to have dinner here. In the evening, the surroundings are very quiet. There are no people on the street. It makes people feel a little remote, but the interior lighting is very warm and the place where the coat is hanging in winter. It was during the Christmas season that there was a Christmas atmosphere. Everyone spoke loudly and whispered very slang.

The most recommended dish here must be roast pork knuckle, which is also a must for every table. Usually I don't touch pork, but after all, the special feature here is roast pork knuckle. I have to taste it. Sure enough, the skin is very brittle and fat but not greasy. You can eat it with a salad dressing, not so fatty.

Raw beef sauce bread is one of the Czech specialties. The beef is stirred into a meat sauce. At first I was a little scared. Raw beef didnt know how to eat it. The waiter in the restaurant told me that you can eat by adding garlic to stir the eggs. The taste is really the same as the sauce, can not eat the fleshy feeling, and mix with the bread to eat.

plus a unique Czech beer that blends into local life
Old Town Square
I stood in the square at dusk in Prague and cast a hope in the wishing pool. The white pigeons were facing the sunset, and the picture was so beautiful that I could not look at it. There is no corridor in the square of Prague. I am dancing and dancing alone. Not far away, you sing far away. Without me, you are really not used to it.

A "Prague Square", Prague has become the dream land of many girls, the picture is too beautiful, I dare not see it has become a popular vocabulary in recent years, but we have been deceived by Fang Wenshan. In the song "Prague Square", Fang Wenshan may be rhyming, perhaps for the sake of glory, perhaps his time and space is in chaos, and the Roman wishing pool is recorded in Prague.

Originally, Prague Square, there is no wishing pool, no promenade. Here, there are spacious squares, quiet alleys, although there are a lot of Christmas people. There are a lot of white pigeons, there are dusk and sunset, some people sing and sing, the air is filled with romantic melancholy, but the breath is filled with the ocean of joy.

If Prague Castle is the brain of Prague, this is the heart of Prague and the answer to the dream! The stone road extending in all directions, strolling into Prague's Old Town Square, you can climb the clock tower, that is, the old city hall of Prague overlooks the entire square. This is the commanding height of the city six or seven hundred years ago. It is still the time. Progress still retains the remains of history.

Through the Charles Bridge, go right and follow the navigation to the Prague brain - Prague Castle. It used to be the castle of the Czech royal family and is now the residence of the Czech president.