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City Park
Havlicek Park

Havlicek Park

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"City Park"
"A few days ago, I wanted to find a new place to wander around, and found that there are not many new places to go, because in the past few years, inside and outside the Czech public have basically gone all over the niche hidden basics. I am modest enough to say that I am a local guide in the Czech Republic. I will share with you this place that I personally like very much today. It is very niche. If you have enough time in Prague and have seen enough of the main scenery, you can visit this little copy here There is no glorious history, nor was it built by relatives of the emperor. In fact, a boss bought the manor and land in the 1870s, and built a summer residence here. The villa was built in the Italian Renaissance style and built around it. A beautiful English garden and a large area of vineyards. It was later bombed by the Nazis during World War II. It was reopened in 1953 and was used as a pioneer and youth home. It is currently maintained by the municipality and rebuilt in 2007. If I introduce this place now, the first thing I will introduce is that it is a vineyard, the kind of grapes that produce red wine, Frankovka, is a type of Czech wine, you can try it if you come, the price is low, and it is this type in ordinary supermarkets. The cheapest one can be bought at around RMB 60. It’s very small, there are few people, walking and sunbathing, it’s very comfortable, there is a free children’s playground at the door and a cute little red car selling ice cream~ If you like to take pictures, you can come and take pictures, beautiful"