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Brewery Museum

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"Pilsner began to produce beer at the end of the 13th century. The most famous is Pilsner's pale beer. The beer uses soft water, malt and hops with specially selected raw materials. The produced hops have a strong fragrance, light color and good foam. , But with heavy bitterness, it is the world's most prestigious fermented pale beer. It is named after the Pilsner Brewery in Bohemia, Czech Republic, and is usually referred to as Pils. The Pilsen Museum is located on the northeast side of the Republic Square in Pilsen. The main building of the museum was converted from a 15th century barley warehouse. The museum exhibits the indispensable wine utensils in the wine shop in the 19th century, the decorations in the bar in the past, and the brewing tools of the time, and a variety of beer brewing utensils, bottles, and glasses are collected. There are many collections handed down from the Middle Ages in the museum. The decoration of the tavern in the Middle Ages is also retro. Visitors can taste the famous Pilsner beer in the bar on the first floor and feel its rich and unique taste. It makes you feel as if you have traveled to the tavern in the medieval town to drink Drinking beer, coupled with the classical music played on the jukebox in the museum, really makes people feel like they have traveled back to the Middle Ages. There is a noon guidebook (5 euros) in the museum, but there are many typos and grammatical problems. It is not worth buying."