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Nayun Ancient Town
It is located in Nayun Ancient Town of Menglian Dai Lahu and Yi Autonomous County in Yunnan Province. This ancient building complex is well preserved, blending the features of Han and Han architecture. The rule of the Dairy hereditary toast represented by it has lasted for more than 500 years since the Ming and Qing dynasties. Menglian Xuanfu Department is the Tuen Mun of the Yi people's hereditary Toshio. It has a wall of more than 2 meters and is surrounded by four side doors. It has a main hall, a council hall, a back hall, a wing room, etc. It is a fusion of Han Dynasty architectural features. Building complex. It is now the Menglian County National History Museum, and no tickets are available for free. The main hall is connected to the council hall through a small arch bridge. The main hall of the Xuanfu Department is the main building of the Xuanfu Department. The third floor is three-storey and rests on the top of the mountain. It is supported by 6 rows of 47 large logs. The center is equipped with Buddhist altars. Chairs, desks, and ceremonies on both sides. There is a map showing the evolution and history of the Xuanfu Department, which preserves the blue-blue embroidered robes and black satin six-color dynasty robes and flags of the Qing Dynasty, and there are literary classics and Chinese books. , printing letters, etc. Menglian Xuanfu Department's courtyard is full of a variety of tropical plants and flowers, with red and green, fragrant and fragrant, visitors strolling among them, just like relaxing and cozy in the botanical garden. In the banana bushes, there is a bamboo building with a family, a stone base, a thatched roof, a bamboo cloister, and a wooden fence pole.
Even in Yunnan, which is rich in customs and folk customs, Jiangcheng is also a very special one - this small town is called "one city with three countries", which is the only county in Yunnan bordering Laos and Vietnam, with a border line of 183 kilometers.

Such a small town, the local customs and customs naturally have its own unique features. The Sanzhai Village, the town of the whole Dong Town, which we went to in the south of Jiangcheng, is very special. It used to be the transit station of the caravan. Very prosperous.

Step into the village, as if stepping into the paradise of Tao Yuanming's pen, the village is not big, but it is very clean, the cement road in the village is very clean, and the space between the buildings is also very large. Sense. The Yi people lived in the bamboo building for 1400 years, mostly on the first floor and the bottom. The ground floor is generally used as a warehouse. Almost every household has a string of corn, a scene of harvest. The

Yu village is built on a gentle slope next to the forest. Papaya, carambola and jackfruit are planted on the roadside. There is also a temple full of Yi people in the village. The Yi people are hardworking and kind, and people are drying corn in the village, peeling off bamboo shoots, and having fun with their grandchildren.

Where is the most happy place in China? This answer can be said to be different, but in Jiangcheng, I really feel the leisure, comfort and happiness of the village. The villagers we met all had a warm smile - it was a sincere smile, not because everyone here was full of money, but from the pure blue sky here, the fresh air, the full green , sweet fruit, and a heart of contentment.