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Yu Manor, located on the bank of Mulan River in the Mother River of Putian, is an eco-cultural theme hot spring resort that integrates hot spring health, leisure and holiday, business meetings, entertainment and fitness. Nani? Forgive me for my ignorance, I also have hot spring resources in Putian! Later, I asked the local friends and learned that although the geothermal resources in Putian are not as rich as those in Ganzhou, they are indeed there. Get off work directly on Friday, less than 2 hours, from the Putian West exit, actually arrived, really suitable for self-driving weekends. In view of the many hot spring resorts that have been stayed before, the hot springs are sold separately. The guest can only enjoy it once, and must go to the bubble on the same day. However, we arrived at the store at 9:00 in the evening. We specially asked the front desk, what is the hot spring here. Was told that at night 24
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
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Putian is a paradise for food. Most people come to Putian to find fresh seafood and mouth-watering snacks. There is a feeling of hatefulness with Putian. First, where is Putian? Putian City is located in the central part of Fujian Coast. The Taiwan Strait in the east faces Taiwan across the sea. It is in Fuzhou in the north and Quanzhou in the south. It is a famous historical and cultural city in Fujian. Putian currently has high-speed rail, but there is no airport at the moment, you can fly to Fuzhou, and then about an hour and a half drive to Putian. The sea salt produced by is completely different from the mineral salt. Mineral salt is produced mechanically, and sea salt is purely hand-made, natural and pure, loose and easy to dissolve, and without any additives. After testing, the tributary salt contains dozens of trace elements needed by the human body. A little taste, a little sweet. Fujian Gongyan has been selected for the G20 summit. Good seasonings with good ingredients are a good foundation for delicacies. Pangtian Jiangshan Village - China's laver first township far away, a piece of seaweed bamboo raft floating in the sea. It is better for seaweed to grow in the place where seawater and fresh water meet and the wind and waves are large. Lunar August is the best time to invest in the laver seedlings season. After a month of growth, it is supposed to be the best time for the headwater laver harvest. However, due to temperature reasons, seaweed may not grow well, and it takes a long time to wait for harvesting. The phrase Looking at the day to eat is especially fulfilled here. In order to help the seaweed grow better, the workers will pull the seaweed to the open sea. For the obsession of the heart, I continued to go to the second seaweed farm in Weizhou Island. This batch of seaweed seedlings was put into the market 15 days earlier and should grow better. A group of people eagerly marched toward the low tide of the seaweed field against the beautiful sunset. Putian specialties - hand-baked flat broth Putian hand flat soup is a traditional Fujian hand-made dish, has been passed down to more than 500 years of history. I love to eat flat broth, and the taste is rich. I never imagined that the flat meat is not the meat of the dough, but the meat and meat, and I was shocked! Making a good flat food, in addition to paying attention to the ingredients, is a craft. First of all, you have to select the freshly slaughtered pig hind leg meat. This kind of meat is the best. Then the pork is cut into pieces, and the film on the meat must be removed. From this moment, it will face three hours of slow work. The lychee sticks were repeatedly beaten on the cutting board made of lychee wood. After the meat was smashed for two hours, the potato flour was sprinkled and crushed into layers of skin. This was another hour of technical and physical activity. Finished meat skin: Two and a half pounds of pork has been made into a thin, flap-like skin with a length of 2 meters by 4 meters. This artisan spirit is an art creation. at last! A bowl of flat meat soup is made! It is obviously meat, but because of different craftsmanship, the ingredients are deconstructed, reconstructed, and renewed with new flavors. The entrance is lightly chewed and the taste is rich and delicious. The soup is slightly sour, and it will probably be more appetizing.
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