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Popular Attractions in Putuoshan

Putuo Mountain Scenic Area
15,783 Reviews
Boat Tour
Taoist Temple
Putuo Mountain is the only sacred Buddhist mountain in China that is located by the sea. The beautiful natural landscape merges with the long-standing Buddhist culture, earning it the title of "Heaven of the Sea and Kingdom of the Buddhist" at home and abroad. Putuo Mountain is not only a sacred place of Buddhism, it also has the characteristics of a seaside city: beach and seafood. The island has two sandy beaches of Qianbusha and Baibusha. Beachside hotels and seafood restaurants are gathered there.
Fayu Temple
902 Reviews
Fayu Temple, also known as Hou Temple, is located in the middle of Putuo Mountain Scenic Area. Its size is second only to the “Former Temple” Puji Temple, one of the three major temples of Putuo. Fayu Temple is based on the mountain and is divided into six floors. Into the mountain gates are upgraded in order, there is the Tianwang Hall on the central axis, the Jade Buddha Hall on the back, the Bell and Drum Tower between the two temples, and the Guanyin Temple, the Imperial Monument Hall, the Daxiong Hall, the Tibetan Classics, and the Abbot Hall. There are so many pilgrims who come here every day, and it is one of the temples that visitors to Mount Putuo can't miss.
Puji Temple
406 Reviews
Puji Temple, also known as Qian Temple, is located in the south of Baihua Mountain and under the Lingjiu Peak. Puji Temple is a national key temple. There are large Yuantong Hall, Tianwang Hall, and Tripitaka Tower in the temple. Large Yuantong Hall is the main temple. Puji Temple and Fayu Temple and Huiji Temple are known as the three major temples in Putuo Mountain.
33 meters high Nanhai Guanyin
379 Reviews
The 33-meter-high Nanhai Guanyin Statue is the most notable landmark of Mount Putuo. It is located at the southern end of Shuangfeng Peak. There are two stories at the base of the statue. The first floor displays 20 portraits on its copper pillars related to the legend of Guanyin, as well as four woodcut murals that are worth visiting. The second floor holds 500 copper statues of Guanyin, and each one of them has a unique pose; it is worth visiting to compare and contrast the various statues.

Putuoshan Tours & Tickets

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Trip Moments

Miss Cat   
To say that Zhoushan's most famous scenic spot is Mount Putuo, Putuo Mountain is one of the four famous mountains of Buddhism in China. Nearly 10 million tourists come here this year. Putuo Mountain is the "net red" of Zhoushan. Putuoshan play, of course, bye bye, bye bye is also very particular:
1. Do not expose, exaggerated (avoid red clothes).
2. The sesame oil money can be cash, coins and five-yuan ten-dollar banknotes. At present, it is not possible to scan the sesame oil money.
3. Bye bye is best done before 12 o'clock, there is a threshold for entering the temple, and you must not step on the threshold. Male left female right, male first across the left foot, female across the right foot. The right side of the door to burn incense does not go back to the road, before washing Buddha, you must first wash your hands, first worship the middle Buddha, and then worship the rest of the Bodhisattva clockwise.
4. Wish: Tell the Buddha about his birthday and residence, what to do, don't be greedy, do not ask for more than three things, and then take three fragrances.
5. What to ask for each temple:
Puji Temple: Guanyin is here, so the incense is the most prosperous. A total of 8 halls Yuantongbao Temple: Guanyin is in the body. Generally, I wished that I would like to sing in the heart of the South.
Pu Xian Temple: Seeking work and career, and meditation in the heart of the "Nan Nothing Buddha".
Gangzang Wang Dian: Do the filial piety, and meditation in the meditation of "Southern Buddhism".
: For the rich man of wealth, seek for the fortune, and meditation in the heart of the "Southern Gambling Blue Bodhisattva".
Pumen Hall: Thousands of thousands of eyes Guanyin are responsive, seeking marriage and family.
Wenshu Temple: Studying for school, wisdom. Sanzhou induction hall: go to the devil, keep safe. Fayu Temple: seeking fame

huiji Temple: the island is the most spiritual
Shancai Cave: tourists and pilgrims will come here to seek fortune, most of the pilgrims are with two printed with more auspicious numbers Hundred dollar bills, then put the money back and forth on the words "Good Fortune Ancient Cave" and put it into the bag with the golden photo of the child with good money. Bring it back to the home, you can protect your family's wealth and prosperity. Guangjin.
The money that has been wiped can only be used for merit, donation and other good deeds, and cannot be used for ordinary consumption. The tribute is also very simple, just a packet of peanuts and Want Want Snow Cake.
- Putuoshan, ticket information: JAL: 06
Posted: Aug 1, 2019
Joe Cai   
Putuo Mountain Buddha, with his own efforts and sincerity, seek good results.
Putuo Mountain is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. It is said to be super-excellent, so every day is full of good men and women to come to worship Buddha. Many people will ask, what should I ask for here? The symbol of
Putuoshan is a bronze statue of Guanyin in the South China Sea, and the Zizhulin Scenic Area is the essence of Putuo Mountain, including Zizhulin Temple, refused to go to Guanyinyuan, Nanhai Guanyin Lifo and many other attractions. However, they all said that it is most effective to go to the Guanyin Buddha statue before noon, so there will be a lot of people in the morning.
The temple is the most popular in the Puji Temple. The Guanyin is here, and there are eight temples seeking different wishes: Yuantongbao Temple, Bodhisattva is the body, Xu Dayuan; Puxian Temple, seeking work career; Filial filial piety; Pumen Hall, seeking marriage for the son; Wenshu Temple, seeking school; Jialan Temple, seeking Zhengcai; Sanzhou induction hall, to the heart of the magic to protect peace. Not far from the
Fayu Temple, there is an attraction called Baibusha, Qianbu Sands; Huiji Temple is the highest point of the whole mountain, facing the Guanyin Bodhisattva on the front, and enshrining the white jade on the back. It is the most effective place for the child. .
In addition to seeking Buddha, you can also eat vegetarian food in Puji Temple, you must pay attention to time, miss it. Breakfast 5
Posted: Jul 28, 2019
Print creation   
I always wanted to go to Putuoshan to see Guanyin, worship Buddha, eat a vegetarian meal, and let the soul be purified and baptized! Choose to leave in a busy time!
Putuo Mountain is surrounded by the sea, beautiful scenery, unique and unique, known as "the first person clean." The mountain stone forest, the temple tower cliff carving, and the sound of the sacred sound are all full of the mysterious colors of the Buddha. The island is full of trees, ancient and wild, and the birds and flowers are known as the Island Botanical Garden. There are 66 species and 1221 trees in the whole mountain for more than 100 years. Not only the ancient millennium, but also the rare and endangered species unique to China, and the Putuo hornbeam, which is listed as a national first-class protected plant. Surrounded by golden sands and white waves, the island is surrounded by white sands, and the fishing and sails are competing. Qingfeng Cuizhen and Yintao Sands surround a large number of ancient temples, which constitute a beautiful picture. Yanqi Qixiu, Vedas, the second turtle, the stone, the heart stone, the Fanyin Cave, the Chaoyin Cave, and the Chaoyang Cave are all fascinating. The 12 scenes of Putuo, or steep, or illusory, or strange, give people unlimited imagination. Many places of historical interest and historical sites have formed an indissoluble bond with Guanyin, and there are wonderful and moving legends.
[Playing Raiders]
The main attractions are the three major temples: Puji Temple, Fayu Temple, Huiji Temple. The Putuo Mountain is a symbol of the Nanhai Guanyin bronze statue and the Zizhu forest, as well as the Xitian Scenic Area, which combines natural landscapes and temples. Every summer, the tourists who come to the summer heat have gathered in the first bathing beach in Zhejiang Province for a hundred steps of sand, which has added a beautiful landscape to Mount Putuo.
Posted: Jun 27, 2019