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Qiandao Lake

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Popular Attractions in Qiandao Lake

Thousand Island Lake
6,081 Reviews
Thousand Island Lake is a huge man-made reservoir covering an area of 580 square kilometers on the upper reaches of Xin'an River, 160km from Hangzhou and Mount Huangshan. It is named after the 1,078 islands that spread across the lake. The lake is known for its crystal-clear waters and picturesque scenery. It is a popular choice for vacation and relaxation in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Meifeng Island, Huangdao Island, Monkey Island, Qiandaohu Stone Forest, Shilin Lake and Jiuyijie Waterfall are all attractions worth seeing. The several rafting spots around the lake should also not be missed in the summer heat, as you will definitely be rewarded with a fun and exciting experience.
Thousand Island Lake, Central Lake Area
5,047 Reviews
Qiandao Lake's Central Lake District includes Meifeng Island, Yule Island, Moonlight Island, and Longshan Island. With a panoramic view of the Qiandao Lake, the Meifeng peak is home to a viewing patio, a must-see destination for tourists visiting the lake. On the fishing island, tourists can feed the fish. It is also the only island on the lake that provides dining. Moonlight Island is also called Wulong Island and consists of 5 small islands. Each island offers a different experience. Longshan Island offers a great cultural experience, as it is home to the Hai Rui Shrine, Qing Guan Road, and the Shi Xi Academy.
Qiandao Lake-Southeast Lake District
2,667 Reviews
Boat Tour
Qiandao Lake-Southeast Lake District includes 4 islands including Huangshanjian, Tianchi Island, Mishan Island and Guihua Island. Bus routes are available to take visitors to the islands. The view of the islands from atop Huangshanjian is comparable to the famous views of Meifeng Mountain. Tianchi Island was originally a deep quarry pit during the Southern Song Dynasty, which then became a pool of water after a flood. It is believed that a famous household tale in China, "3 monks with no water" originates from Mishan Island. The landscape on the mountain is also dominated by Buddhist temples. Guihua (osmanthus) Island was once the earliest developed attraction of Qiandao Lake. In addition to wild osmanthus flowers, there are also animal shows.
Thousand Island Lake Forest Oxygen Bar
3,020 Reviews
Qiandao Lake Forest Oxygen Bar is located in the eastern part of Qiandao Lake. It has lush vegetation and fresh air. It is a good place for absorbing the forest oxygen and cleansing your lungs. Rivers and waterfalls can be seen everywhere in the scenic area. You can go on the rope bridge or sit on the swings, take pictures with the peacocks in the forest, or sit on the grass and ski down the skiing path and bask in the sunlight while enjoying the various fun offered by the forest. If you are tired, you can also take a rest in the tea house or coffee bar in the scenic area. Coming here to enjoy the water during summer is also a highly recommended activity.

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Qiandao Lake Weather

Jul 2, 2020
24 °
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Jul 3, 2020
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Jul 4, 2020
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Jul 5, 2020
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Trip Moments

丽君 (foreign princess)   
Thousand-Isletq Lake is located in the western suburban area of Hangzhou City,.With more than a thousand islets scattered among its 573 sq km water area, Thousand-Islet Lake is blessed with superb natural environment and is full of ever-enchanting scenery. There are plenty of activities to do in the area, including hiking, cycling, and Kayaking, all while staying in a luxury hotel with steaming hot meals provided. #kayaking #thousand islet #lakeview #lakearea
Posted: Dec 28, 2019
Lemon Zhao   
Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Tourism Raiders must play attractions (recommended collection) Thousand Island Lake as one of Hangzhou's popular attractions, of course, must come to punch card, whether it is a weekend tour or a small holiday is very suitable, today Let me introduce you to the must-see attractions of Qiandao Lake. Thousand Island Lake Sky Track Hot Air Balloon Club Thousand Island Lake has only recently had a popular network red punch card project, which is a hot air balloon ride. There is no charge for entering the park where the hot air balloon is located. You can watch the hot air balloon at close range or take a photo with the hot air balloon. Thousand Island Lake Nongfu Spring Tea Garden Factory Nongfu Spring Industrial Tourism, you can visit the factory for 10 yuan, and the farmer's spring drink inside can be drunk, and you can return to it in minutes. Parachute is really a test of guts, very exciting, but it has become a symbol of many young people's cool. Playing once is still relatively high. If you want to shoot more than one camera, the maximum charge can reach more than 5,000. Qiandao Lake Longchuan Bay The main place to visit here is the natural ecology of Qiandao Lake, the perfect fusion of wetlands, lakes and forests. You can enjoy it here, the scenery is really beautiful. Thousand Island Lake Center Lake District This will mainly stop the islands such as Meifeng Island and Yule Island. The islands are small in size, and some well-developed islands are equipped with ropeways, but many walk to the top of the mountain in ten minutes. While enjoying the scenery while walking, breathing fresh air, you can see the Thousand Islands wonders of Qiandao Lake at the top.
Posted: Sep 18, 2019
Thousand Island Lake is an artificial lake,human made lake in Hangzhou.It is also known as Qiandao hu .It is made up of more than one thousand islets. You can walk along the lake to enjoy some quietness and clean fresh air away from polluted cities. You can find good restaurants around the lake and have delicious fish foods with your family,also biking and cruising . The road is in good condition and can take up to two days to complete the tour all the way around the lake. The cruise boats take different routes for their tours and based on the routes and the type of the boat the prices vary. It anywhere from 30 to 60 Yuan per person, for children it is less. I recommend you rent a small boat for half a day.It is also a home to many wedding photos .The last pictures is myself after visiting qiandaohu 2017
Posted: Nov 29, 2019
Blue Tulip   
## This is a new attraction built on the water millennium of the Thousand Island Lake. Although it is a new imitation, there are various forms of lions in the ancient town of Huipai. Banjie, traditional white walls and flying villas, and the roads formed by the road, in addition to copying seven ancient arches, Longyuan Lion City also decorated some features of the Republic of China, such as posters, cinemas, haircuts of various Republics Shops and shops during the Republic of China remind people of the life of the Lion City before the flood. The whole ancient town is not big, there is only one way from import to export, and it can be completed in about two hours. There are not many tourists, so you can enjoy a comfortable holiday in this ancient town quietly. [Wenyuan Lion City Traffic] A Shanghai Long-distance Passenger Transport South Station takes the bus directly to the Qiandaohu Passenger Terminal (cost 120 yuan/person), then carpools to Wenyuan Lion City (cost 30 yuan/person) ), round-trip fare is 300 yuan / person. Disadvantage
Posted: Sep 2, 2019