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Popular Attractions in Qiandaohu

Thousand Island Lake
5,848 Reviews
Thousand Island Lake is a huge man-made reservoir covering an area of 580 square kilometers on the upper reaches of Xin'an River, 160km from Hangzhou and Mount Huangshan. It is named after the 1,078 islands that spread across the lake. The lake is known for its crystal-clear waters and picturesque scenery. It is a popular choice for vacation and relaxation in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Meifeng Island, Huangdao Island, Monkey Island, Qiandaohu Stone Forest, Shilin Lake and Jiuyijie Waterfall are all attractions worth seeing. The several rafting spots around the lake should also not be missed in the summer heat, as you will definitely be rewarded with a fun and exciting experience.
Thousand Island Lake, Central Lake Area
4,877 Reviews
Qiandao Lake's Central Lake District includes Meifeng Island, Yule Island, Moonlight Island, and Longshan Island. With a panoramic view of the Qiandao Lake, the Meifeng peak is home to a viewing patio, a must-see destination for tourists visiting the lake. On the fishing island, tourists can feed the fish. It is also the only island on the lake that provides dining. Moonlight Island is also called Wulong Island and consists of 5 small islands. Each island offers a different experience. Longshan Island offers a great cultural experience, as it is home to the Hai Rui Shrine, Qing Guan Road, and the Shi Xi Academy.
Qiandao Lake-Southeast Lake District
2,595 Reviews
Boat Tour
Qiandao Lake-Southeast Lake District includes 4 islands including Huangshanjian, Tianchi Island, Mishan Island and Guihua Island. Bus routes are available to take visitors to the islands. The view of the islands from atop Huangshanjian is comparable to the famous views of Meifeng Mountain. Tianchi Island was originally a deep quarry pit during the Southern Song Dynasty, which then became a pool of water after a flood. It is believed that a famous household tale in China, "3 monks with no water" originates from Mishan Island. The landscape on the mountain is also dominated by Buddhist temples. Guihua (osmanthus) Island was once the earliest developed attraction of Qiandao Lake. In addition to wild osmanthus flowers, there are also animal shows.
Water Spirit Performance
1,253 Reviews
The "Water Spirit" is a performance water stage that is constructed with first rate stage design. It is currently the only water stage located within China. The stage was built in a cool water area and is a fully enclosed theater. Curtains of water fall from the sky and dozen of waters above the stage delight its many visitors. It can be described as felling as if you are in a blue underwater world. There are 3D displays on three giant screens and many actors can be seen dancing leisurely about on the bottom of the sea. The style of the Qiandao Lake is considered to be alive and sweet.

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Trip Moments

Miss chun   

coordinates Thousand Island Lake Jiangjia Town
Tickets No tickets, all day open
Recommended reason alive Ancient village

a bowl of chaos, we hurriedly continue on our way, the next site is . In the village of Duogu in the south of the Yangtze River, although the village entrance has established a memorial archway for ancient dwellings, there is not much expectation. Stepping up the level, he walked into Tao Yuanming's "Guiyuan Tianju". The village is surrounded by mountains and waters. There are rockeries in the back. There are small streams in front of the river. The river is clear and fishy. The entrance to the village is hidden under three ancient buildings of five hundred years old. It is the land of Feng Shui. Seikawa, named after the "four mountains surrounded by two waters, the water of the celery is endless." The whole village is distributed in a chao-shaped shape. The Qinshui River passes through the village, and the Hui-style ancient dwellings are built across the stream.

Experience feeling
Into the ancient village, the tall mottled white wall and black tile hides the deep house, and the undergrown eaves are full of history. There are few young people in the village. In the doorway of the black scorpion, most of them are old people who are old, some are in front of the door, some are just sitting there in the sun, the deep eyes seem to be in history. dialogue. Among the serenity of this faction, it is the ducks here that bring a lively atmosphere. There are many ducks in Qinxi, a group of people in the stream, and a group of people playing under the bridge, so there is a sense of life.
Posted: Oct 12, 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Longchuan Bay, the place that best represents Qiandao Lake
Longchuan Bay is not far from Wenyuan Lion City. Before returning to the hotel, we deliberately turned around. Its only about 3 o'clock at this time, and we still need 2 hours to drive back, so for Longchuan Bay, its just a bit of a stop. But this place still makes us feel amazing, you want the Qiandao Lake, Longchuan Bay.
The entire scenic area is about 2.31 square kilometers. The islands are surrounded by small and small islands. The port is twisted and twisted, forming the Lake in the lake and the lake in the island. It is the only lake-type wetland in Qiandao Lake. The Longchuan Bay Scenic Area is divided into two main points, the Xudao Island and the Zhiqing Farm in the Lake District. To visit Longchuan Bay, you need to take a boat, take a battery car and walk. You can't swim in one day. We didn't go deep into the scenic spot, just take the traffic boat into the bird migratory bird area and walk through a small bird migratory bird area. The wild ducks are in groups, and the mountains are reflected in the lake. Longchuan is beautiful in our eyes. The most beautiful thing in Longchuan Bay is autumn, where nature has knocked over the palette.
I think that people who like to be busy should not fall in love with this paradise. The fresh air makes it extraordinarily quiet, and the turquoise water creates a beautiful view. In this impetuous era, only by calming down, can you realize this beauty!
Transportation: After driving or going to Qiandaohu Town, take the "Jiangjia" car at the Sunshine Station to Jiangjia Town, and charter from the town to the scenic spot for about 30 yuan, about 5 kilometers away.
Posted: Feb 17, 2019