Pack a sailboat out to sea, open a private party at sea, blow the sea breeze, and take a beautiful photo. Sun, sand, waves, and old captains. We were so afraid of the sun that we chose to go out at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun was slightly gentler. The catamaran experience takes two hours and the entire boat can carry 20 people. If it is not the owner of Country Garden, 7,000 yuan for two hours, if it is the owner, it is much cheaper, only 5,000 yuan. and we only have 6 people in a row, plus two young captains, and 8 people. When taking pictures, there was a kind of person who contracted the visual effect of a ship. Hahaha, take a photo of the right blockbuster! If you like to blow the sea breeze, you can sit on the deck and enjoy the quiet. You can stay on the comfortable sofa in the cabin, drink some wine and talk about home. Of course, the girl who likes to take pictures, the two-hour experience of going out to sea is not enough for them. Up and down, left, right, left and right, all angles have to be lapped over and over again.
Posted: Dec 16, 2018
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In the year of the Miao, Miao language called "can brew", which is the most traditional festival of the Miao people. The dates of the past years have not been uniform. In the Rongshui Miao, the Lunar New Year's Eve is November 31, and the next day is the New Year. The population of this year is the most populous and the most extensive. Miao Year's folk activities are very rich, mainly ancestor ancestors, blowing reeds on the temple, walking the same year. The reeds were held in the village of Luzhai, and the men and women were stepping on the mens and womens participation. First, a small reed hand blows a short twist, then the big and small hands play together, the girls wear a hundred bird clothes, silver jewelry, silver flower crown dance, silver puffs and yangko, intertwined into a festive Melody. The same year is also an important folk activity during the Miao years. Every seedling year. Between the village and the village, they are each other, and they are the same year. There are dozens or hundreds of men and women in the village, bring reeds, put on festive costumes, and beat the drums to the village in the same year for the party. In front of the village, the master is told by the three songs, and the master leads the men and women in the village to meet the village. Then, in the Lusong Hall, the reeds and the temples were again played as the village entrance ceremony, and the master also recited the ceremony by blowing the reeds. After the ceremony, guests are invited to treat each other. Guests generally stay for three days, during the day, blowing reeds on the temple, performing reed competitions, performing seedlings at night, and unmarried young men and women during this period to conduct social activities of "sitting sisters" on songs, pursuing their own favorite people, all night long.
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Yanghua catkins dance with the wind, and the rain and the valley are coming. Today Valley Rain.
In October, singing, singing songs of freedom, from the plains, all the way down to a mysterious, distant, and beautiful place. Today's footsteps have entered the Danshang in the southeast of Yunnan, a simple paradise. Danzhai belongs to Guizhou Province, Southeast Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. It is one of the important scenic spots for tourism on the eastern route of Guizhou. There are a variety of colorful gourd caves, there is the Yinting Waterfall in the first waterfall of Jidong, there is a green treasure house Maoyuling Forest Park, and there is a gentle and passionate river. Danzhai County, located in the southeast of Guizhou Province and the western part of Guizhou Province, adjacent to Leishan, Sandu, Duyun, Majiang and Kaili counties (cities). It is a county where the Miao people live together and multi-ethnicity. It is located in the upper reaches of the Liujiang River and the Qingshui River. It combines the characteristics of the Miao culture of the Duliujiang River and the Qingshui River. It still retains the simple, rich and unique ethnic customs. The Miao, Shui and other inhabitants have changed and revived in the millennium. Created its own unique culture. Folk dances such as Jinji Dance, Mango Reed Dance, Wood (Copper) Inspiration, Giving Dance, Bench Dance, etc. have participated in provincial, state and national art festival competitions to receive the highest award. Folk crafts batik, ancient paper, paper-cut, brocade, pick flowers, embroidery and so on.
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