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In the early spring, I explored the colorful southeastern part of the country, and the experience of the original flowering in the village was

Guizhou, which was a large land, why did you choose Southeastern Guizhou?
Guizhou Southeastern Guizhou is one of the clear streams of the tourism industry. It is a village that has been condensed for centuries, and the drum towers are full of glory. The scenery is unforgettable. Here is the need to collect tickets, and some of the villages are quite mature, mature and not over-commercialized - this is what I think is the most ideal tourist attraction, so bring everyone over.
Each of the southeastern states has a large number of large and small drum towers. The Drum Tower is a concentrated place for the elderly to teach songs, young people singing, young people learning songs, folk songs and folk songs.
sing songs (slang is called sleepy), sing wine songs when eating and drinking (slang is called test), sing songs while sitting in the night to sing the lyrics, yangko. Blocking road songs and blocking road wines reflect the warm and hospitable character of the Yi people. The prosperity of the
farming era is evident in the southeastern state of Guizhou. Each household pulls goods and uses a rare carriage, both cars and horse-drawn carriages. Everyone does not stop improving the modern life, nor forget the beautiful traditional folk customs left by the ancestors.
Posted: Mar 5, 2019
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In the year of the Miao, Miao language called "can brew", which is the most traditional festival of the Miao people. The dates of the past years have not been uniform. In the Rongshui Miao, the Lunar New Year's Eve is November 31, and the next day is the New Year. The population of this year is the most populous and the most extensive.

Miao Year's folk activities are very rich, mainly ancestor ancestors, blowing reeds on the temple, walking the same year. The reeds were held in the village of Luzhai, and the men and women were stepping on the mens and womens participation. First, a small reed hand blows a short twist, then the big and small hands play together, the girls wear a hundred bird clothes, silver jewelry, silver flower crown dance, silver puffs and yangko, intertwined into a festive Melody.

The same year is also an important folk activity during the Miao years. Every seedling year. Between the village and the village, they are each other, and they are the same year. There are dozens or hundreds of men and women in the village, bring reeds, put on festive costumes, and beat the drums to the village in the same year for the party. In front of the village, the master is told by the three songs, and the master leads the men and women in the village to meet the village. Then, in the Lusong Hall, the reeds and the temples were again played as the village entrance ceremony, and the master also recited the ceremony by blowing the reeds. After the ceremony, guests are invited to treat each other. Guests generally stay for three days, during the day, blowing reeds on the temple, performing reed competitions, performing seedlings at night, and unmarried young men and women during this period to conduct social activities of "sitting sisters" on songs, pursuing their own favorite people, all night long.
JOJO’s wonderful trip
Yanghua catkins dance with the wind, and the rain and the valley are coming.

Today Valley Rain.