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Things To Do in Qianshan

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碉堡的九哥Huangshan, Jiuhuashan, Tianzhushan, and called Anhui three famous mountains. Huangshan, Jiuhuashan is really too famous, and there are many people on holiday, so it's worth coming to punch the Tianzhu Mountain. The scenery is pleasant and there are not many people. 🚗 Traffic: At 6:30 in the morning, I woke up and drove off by myself. It's almost nine o'clock when we get down to Tianzhu Mountain. 🎫 Ticket: 165 yuan (Ticket 135 yuan + ticket 30 yuan) Dalongwo Cableway: 80 yuan (single trip) We are taking the cableway up the mountain to the mountainside, and it will take about two hours to climb the mountain, so if we don't take the cableway, it really takes nearly 4 hours to climb to the top. However, we did not take the cableway down the mountain, and it took about three and a half hours. To sum up, the legs don't seem to be their own. Tip: 1⃣️ is a little thicker than the usual clothes, or bring a coat. Although the money is very tired, the mountain is still more cool than the mountain below. 2⃣️Physical strength is not very bad friends, it is recommended to climb up the mountain by yourself, when you go down the mountain, take the cableway, after all, it is more injured knee. 3⃣️ If you don't plan to stay on the mountain, try to go up the mountain early. When we went down the mountain, we met the people who just went up the mountain. The scenic bus stopped at 5:30, which means that after this time, you have to walk three or four kilometers to go out. 4⃣️ There are not clouds every day. There will be no continuous sunny days. It rained just two days before we went, so we can see this situation. Fortunately. #Tianzhu Mountain #Anhui Tourism # Small people Traveling place #Travel must punch in the attractions #Travel #Travel casually #Travel #Travel photos
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山在穷游Although the Tianzhu Mountain Grand Canyon is charged separately as an independent attraction, many of its scenery are similar to Tianzhu Mountain, because after all, it is a scenic spot of the same mountain series. But here is more of the scenery in the canyon, so naturally there will be many steps and flowing water. But like visiting Tianzhu Mountain, I also encountered rainy weather, and I couldn't appreciate the beauty of the scenic spot when I walked.
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海布里岁月Sanzu Temple is located on Fengxing Mountain at the mouth of Tianzhu Valley, covering an area of 7.04 square kilometers. The Sanzu Temple was opened during Emperor Liang Wu of the Southern Dynasties. It was originally named Valley Temple. Later, it was named Sanzu Temple because the third ancestor of Zen lived here in Tin. In the Sanzu Temple, literati such as Lin Bu, Wang Anshi, Su Dongpo, Huang Tingjian, Li Gonglin, Lu Zai, etc. traveled to the temple to write poems. There is a poem that "Who is the first in the Zen forest, this place is the highest in Nanzhou".
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kiligaThe scenery is beautiful, the environment is beautiful, and the sanitation is good. The locals are very good. I like it very much. The elderly page is very happy. The cost of going in is super super cheap. The ticket is convenient. Thank Ctrip. It is very convenient to use. Concise and clear
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酒仙老周I have worked so hard just to see the arrival of Tianzhu Peak, nothing to regret! Just a wisp of morning mist and blue smoke half concealed your face! It's still my favorite Tianzhu Mountain! Give me different surprises every time! Among the many tourist attractions in Wuyi, Tianzhu Mountain is the best comfort for me outside of the congestion on the journey! A leisurely tour of Tianzhu! 【view】 【taste】 [Price ratio]
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Here are the best places to visit in Qianshan, including: Tianzhu Mountain,Tianzhu Mountain Grand Canyon,Tianlongguan Grand Canyon
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