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Things To Do in Qianxi

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Historical Site
M41***12Qingshanguancheng is 1.8 feet high, 1.4 feet closed, and 166.9 feet long. It was built in the Hongwu period of Ming Dynasty. Guancheng is majestic, ancient in style, rich in border culture and folk valley. Some descendants of soldiers stationed here in ancient times live in the fort. For hundreds of years, they have reflected the legacy of their ancestors in their production and life activities.
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106***66The religious scenic spot Jingzhong Mountain is located in Qianxi County, with an altitude of 610r meters. The Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty once inscribed "Famous Mountains in the World". There are Four Commanders Hall, Sandao Tea House, Bixia Yuanjun Hall, Yuantong Temple, Jade Emperor Hall and Zhizhi Cave There are more than 30 scenic spots of various sizes. The three religions of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are gathered here in one mountain. The ancient rocks on the mountain are steep, the canyons cover the sun, the canyon is quiet, the clouds are misty, and the 1872 steps reach the top of the peak. The natural landscape is amazing and unique, and it is known as "the beautiful scenery of the mountain".
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_We***33Romantic flower sea, meet the train to spring! Qingqing lake shore, meet the great beautiful woman who is going to be happy! Another year of flower appreciation season, meet Zhifu meet you! Hebei Tangshan Xixi Yuhua Valley Zhifu flower sea spring bloom!
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Water Conservancy Project
天水小筑潘家口There is a diving club and farmhouse on the Great Wall. You can dive or recreational activities, sing, climb the Great Wall, play boats, swim, fishing. It is a good place for small people in the Beijing and Tianjin areas [scene] [fun]
Nearby City
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Geological Sites
微随遇心而安This attraction is particularly suitable for children. The design of the steps is very reasonable. It is a slow step. It is always running with water. It is fun and not tired. There are many entertainment facilities. The playability is very good. The sound control fountain is very special. 10 yuan can be experienced. The louder the sound, the higher the spray. There are glass paths and aerial shooting points, 30 people, no half price. There are drought slides and air ropeways down the mountain. Those with children under the age of 16 can only choose the slide, which is safer, 30 people. There are also jungle rafting, 50 people, more standing platoons, no experience. In short, the scenery is very beautiful, climb not tired, all the way to talk and laugh.
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_We***36It’s so fun. I’ve never played such a thrilling rafting before, drifting in a cave, but the staff was too violent and splashed me with flowing water. I’ll go next time, but I’ve got to take a few more basins. If you want to take pictures Also buy a mobile phone case

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Xifeng Xiongguan DadaoyuanTangshan,China

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Daheiting ReservoirTangshan,China

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Jiangjun MountainTangshan,China

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Zhongguobanli MuseumTangshan,China

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Children Amusement ParkTangshan,China

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Donghuwan Shui'an ParkTangshan,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Qianxi, including: Jingzhong Mountain,Qingshan Pass,Panjiakou
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