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The lively scene of the Yi Torch Festival: When the torch is ignited, the old sacrifices are surrounded by people, holding ancient books and reading words, very sacred feeling!
The famous anti-Japanese war road was turned around 24 times. At that time, due to the Japanese military blockade, the Burma Road was cut off, and the hump route was generous and sad. The international aid materials must enter through a new passage.
The US Corps of Engineers and China's 100,000 migrant workers battled and repaired, and cast a 24-turn resistance to the "transfusion" legend, so ## Also known as: China's anti-war lifeline.
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Panglao Island
Chocolate Hills
Is it worthwhile to play in the Philippines?

The last note was like the island of Siquijor in the Philippines. A friend asked me, is that Bohol Island worthless? Seeing other people's pictures are very good, isn't your opening method wrong? Now let me talk about the view of Bohol Island (a personal opinion with prejudice~)

1 Too many tourists are the first image that Bohol Island gave me, and all of them come to Alona Beach in Uoyang. People, the sea beach is not clean, if you can't touch the good weather, you can't take good pictures. 2 playability is not much. In addition to taking pictures at the beach, there is no special snorkeling in the cliff restaurant and island hopping. I went to the island to watch the turtles. The weather was bad. It affected the scenery. The boyfriend was still seasick and couldn't play.

Is it, is the island of Bohol so worthless? In fact, there are still many places that can be used as the reason for the first time in the Philippines. 1 Because Bohol is relatively complete in development relative to other islands, many conditions are relatively better. More suitable for the first time abroad travel preferred. 2 A lot of Chinese food on the old island of Shan State, suitable for Chinese stomach tourists. 3 The line is mature, suitable for tourists who are too lazy to do the Raiders. So, if you are interested in Bohol, the following attractions can be seen ~

Gazelle Park
Bohol Island has the famous tarsier protection center, you can see the world's smallest The tarsiers, which are only large in the palm of their hand, are hard to find under the leaves. Its pretty cute when you watch it carefully. You can report a day trip or rent a motorcycle.

Chocolate Mountain
In the autumn, the leaves on the mountain turn yellow like chocolate, and the mountain looks very cute. Very spectacled a route.

Bali Casa Island snorkeling
a small island near Panglao Island. When the weather is good, the sea is very clear and the aerial photography is good. You can also snorkel and watch the turtles. The deep dive can also be suitable. You can also rent a boat to the island and play with the nearby Virgin Islands.

Beach of bohol Private beach
Alona Beach is just like many people, the beach is not very clean. We found a paid beach, which is less clean than the people here. Tickets are 7 yuan. Search

local popular caves
few notes have been written, local popular caves, and there are A pool, very safe, have time to go. Name search

Transportation: The first flight in Manila is to fly to Bohol Island, or to fly to Cebu to fly again, it is very convenient.
Hotel: All star hotels have it.
Language: Its okay to go out for a little English. Many Chinese food and Chinese
Island traffic: you can rent a motorcycle around the island, 300 to 500 pesos a day.