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Things To Do in Qihexian

4,582 Reviews
M35***20Look at the pictures yourself, very good! There are a lot of varieties, but still have to complain, the queue is a bit slow. It is recommended to take the baby to enrich the knowledge 😜😜😜. The service is in place, continue to cheer!
3,322 Reviews
Theme Park
2月27日The queues were long but faster than I expected, not as many people expected after the entry, most of the people were in line for each item, as we went straight through the magic castle with the kids, and had a little fun with the baby, because the big army hadn't come yet, There are almost no queues. After watching the big circus and the horse station, I will see the long queues. The overall experience is OK. After the baby 1.4, so that all the basic items can be played.
454 Reviews
自由人^_^》Oulebao Health Spa is well worth a visit and the service from the staff is excellent, very intimate and warm. Also a snack to refresh the energy of tea. Of course it is regular, but the staff will visit regularly. Especially the kids' play area and give you. Warm reminders and tips.
163 Reviews
_We***94The second time I went to Oulebao Water World, the ticket was 190 yuan last year, this time Trip.com 88 yuan, many projects have played again, it is still very exciting, haha, with a timid girlfriend, especially interesting, but the mysterious cave has not dared to experience, I gave up. Very good, but the day is too hot and too sunny, and it's not good to come back dark (▼▼#)
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2,911 Reviews
Theme Park
_FB***04A very interesting place to visit and one should take the whole day to absorb all the rides and shows that they have. A mix of old and new with a surprise around every corner.
23 Reviews
RebekahReally good, very good from Jinan, go to live for one night on the weekend, wash the hot spring ♨️, it is too comfortable, will go again in the future, the children also like this hot spring, the decoration is very high-end, the water temperature is also good. The scenery is good,

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Guoke Yutang Hot SpringsDezhou,China

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Dezhoudekuang Hot SpringDezhou,China

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Zhi Zhonghe Organic FarmDezhou,China

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Canyon DriftingDezhou,China

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Quancheng Oulebao Menghuan Shijie - European-Themed Amusement ParkDezhou,China

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Chinese Four Great inventions MuseumsDezhou,China

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About Qihexian

Qihe County is under the jurisdiction of Dezhou City, located in the western part of Shandong Province. Qihe has a profound cultural heritage and is rich in tourism resources. The territory has many historical and cultural resources such as the Yingying and Dinghui Temples, alongside modern cultural attractions such as the Shi Zhuangxiang Memorial Hall and the Tomb of the Martyr Meng Xiangbin. There are also scenic spots that combine nature and leisure such as the Daqinghe Scenic Area or the Yellow River Fishing Park.

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Here are the best places to visit in Qihexian, including: Quancheng Oulebao Menghuan Shijie - European-Themed Amusement Park,Quancheng Ocean and Polar World,Oulebao Hot Springs Resort
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