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Trip Moments

Qingdao ins wind hotel | The photo is too beautiful, as if walking into the museum
said "visit exhibition", my first thought is the exhibition of Chanel, which not only conveys artistic inspiration, but also the network Red punch card, so it is particularly attractive. But have you tried to see an art exhibition in a hotel? On this trip to Qingdao, I stayed at the Lanou Hotel and coincided with an art exhibition.
[About the exhibition]
This exhibition is called The Gap of Time. The main work is four devices, which convey the concept of time and space without exception. The artist is a famous plant architect, Li Wei, who has made a name for himself in the Herms window art Future Museum: The Lost Species.
Holding a booklet about the artist's description at the door, he is awe-inspiring and always thinks that art is far from life, but it is close at hand and within reach. I like the exhibition of exhibitions, as if through the space-time tunnel, through the stitching of the space, feel the flow of the works in the environment.
The four works are all extracted from the spectrum of the gods of ancient civilizations. After the correspondence between light, water, gas, universe, life, and death, the essence of the work is constructed. Contrary to the space and the collision of wavelengths and energy molecules, it is also a tribute to art and a tribute to the gods.
My favorite piece is called The Fluid of the Sun, Moon, and Morning. It also has British historical relics in the exhibition area, which makes people more immersive. This exhibit gives a strong visual impact, blending the elements of the Egyptian sun god worship, and the imagery of the astronomical star, allowing the device to be flexible and connected to different angles of vision, becoming the speed and node that reflects the flow of the river in the historical torrent. Deep meaning.
[About the hotel]
As a partner hotel of the British Museum IP, the artistic atmosphere is self-evident. From Lanzhi Space to Artistic Cuisine, whether it is business communication, personal reading or girlfriends afternoon tea, the elegant artistic atmosphere has been spreading.
I also have their theme room, especially the ancient Egyptian style, which is full of exoticism. The room is very smart, the card is in the door, the lights and curtains are automatically opened, and the technology is full. There are also bedding products, definitely the Shang Chen in the business travel hotel, peace of mind to sleep well, this is too important!
[Hotel Information]
Address: No. 22, Fuzhou South Road, Qingdao
Price: RMB500/night (from)
Exhibition Time: 2019.6.25-2019.9.25 (Free )
Naval Museum
Qingdao Naval Museum is located at No. 8 Laiyang Road, Qingdao, bordering Lu Xun Park in the east, Xiao Qingdao Park in the west and the Zhan Bridge across the water, the endless sea in the south, and the famous scenic spot Qingdao Signal Hill Park in the north, covering an area of over 40,000 square meters. Meter. The
Qingdao Naval Museum has three parts: the indoor exhibition hall, the weapons and equipment exhibition area, and the marine exhibition ship area. The indoor exhibition hall is divided into the Chinese People's Navy History Exhibition Room, the Navy Clothing Exhibition Room, and the Gift Show Room, with a total area of over 1,100 square meters. The Chinese Naval History Exhibition Hall exhibited the history of ancient navals, the history of modern navies, and the history of the people's navy. Through a large amount of historical data, it introduces in detail the origin and development of the Chinese navy and its important role in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Although the children still don't understand this, they are very curious about these outdoor exhibitions. It is the first time to see such a large ship. This is called long-sightedness. I know more when I see children from a young age. The
Naval Museum fare is 30 yuan per person, and the student's old age certificate is favorable. I dont want to hurry up now. You can't park near
, try to take a taxi or bus to play. There are restaurants nearby
, but it is slightly expensive.
Qingdao flower stone floor
The Russians built a villa in Qingdao, Shandong Province, and they are ready-made net red spots.
In the numerous villa buildings in Badaguan, Qingdao, Huashilou is particularly prominent because it was built by Russians.
After the October Revolution in the Soviet Union, many Russians came to Qingdao and settled here. Some of these Russians are very wealthy. They built villas in Qingdao and became a special landscape, including the Stone House. The original owner was Gracimov. The Huashi Building was built in 1932. The main building materials are granite and marble. The villa has remained strong for nearly 90 years. There are five floors in the
flower stone building. The top floor can be seen from the sea, because the walls in the building are covered with marble, and the pebbles are built outside the building, because outsiders used to call it a stone building.
Hua Shi Lou Linhai, walking in the yard, facing the sea breeze, if you stand on the top floor overlooking the scenery, the feeling of cool is more obvious. The
Flower House is a European castle-style building that blends a variety of Western architectural styles. You can find the shadows of Greek, Roman and Gothic architecture. Inside the
Flower House is a small museum where visitors can carefully appreciate the beauty of different architectural details, such as colored windows and various western furniture.
Flower House and Princess House, Butterfly House together and called the most popular three major red landscapes in Badaguan, every day like a cloud, visitors can not only understand the legendary story of this building and appreciate the beauty of the building, but also allow Take a picture of the area and shoot a set of literary tonal photos.
Hua Shi Lou retains the living style of the Republic of China, its interior decoration is simple but delicate, the white wall and red carpet, and the matching of mahogany furniture is very contemporary.
Laoshan Taiqing Palace Scenic Area