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Qingdao Rongchuang Paradise|The playground in the shopping mall a variety of playgrounds have gone a lot, the indoor playground is the first time to go, I thought it would be boring, playing a circle and found no loss . Jingchuang Mao on the west coast of Qingdao is a bustling shopping mall. On the first floor of the mall, there are three small playgrounds for the fun of the theme park, the movie world and the water park. The 1 theme park mainly includes 2 theme areas of the Lushan Wonders and the German Town. The most embarrassing project is the Lushan Flying Dragon, hovering over the top of the paradise, spinning, speeding, weightlessness, zero gravity, and excitement. 2 If you don't like excitement, there are carousel, flower basket windmill, crazy pendulum and other items to play, suitable for many ages from children to big friends. 3 The world of film world is particularly strong, and the image of the door is the image of the door. The top of the door is Xiangyun, and the most striking thing is to visit this Donghai market. It is this huge sculpture, 360 degree rotation, no matter which angle See the front. 4The movie world is based on the theme of Dragon Palace, which can play 3D dynamic roller coaster, as well as 3D interactive play equipment Swords and Seals, and fight with Shangyu Wang. 5 There is also an ice room in the movie world. When the winter is not yet coming, you can feel the world of ice and snow. Of course, you must wrap the down jacket before entering the door. Location: 1st Floor, Rongchuang Shopping Mall, West Coast, Qingdao Tickets: 120 yuan from theme park, 40 yuan from movie world
Summer PD
Qingdao Xingguang Island, a small island built by artificial reclamation, conquers tourists by the value of Yan Qingdao West Coast New District is developing with each passing day, and it has gradually become a tourist destination for many tourists to Qingdao, in addition to the European style of the old city. The West Coast New District has also created some net red attractions that can attract tourists by their value. Xingguang Island is a small island in the West Coast New District, but this small island is built by reclamation. The area is not too big. The whole island is a tourist resort with high-end hotels, performance theaters, commercial Facilities, there are also some residences. Through a bridge, Star Island is connected to the land. This bridge is called Coral Bay Bridge and is one of the most scenic spots on Star Island. Many tourists are attracted by this bridge. The Coral Bridge is 290 meters long and is accessible to both vehicles and pedestrians. The pedestrian walkways on both sides are ideal for sightseeing. The area where Xingguang Island is located is called Lingshan Bay Film and Television Cultural Industry Zone. Qingdao is known as the Movie Capital. Starlight Island is part of the Oriental Shadow Capital. Wandering Earth was filmed in Qingdao Oriental Film Capital. The whole bridge adopts the "coral shell" decorative arch, which is very rare in China. It also reflects the marine characteristics of Qingdao. Many film and television works will use this bridge as a location. At night, the night scene is more beautiful. The lights on the Coral Bay Bridge are constantly changing colors. The opposite side of the island is the city center of the West Coast New District. The high-rise buildings are constantly on display. When the Hua Deng was first launched, many people came to take photos and punch cards. Some newcomers who took wedding photos chose here. These new Net Red attractions give a brand new impression of Qingdao. There are four high-end resorts on Star Island, and many of the island's construction industries maintain a European style, as well as two theaters. Come to Star Island, whether it is by car or by bus, there is a bus departure station on the island.
The Lalu Qingdao
Qingdao Hanbi House7-star hotel in China! Seeing it, it's better to miss it. It's better to follow it. Life is just a journey. You pass me, I pass you, then practice each and move forward. Hanbi Building is located in the beautiful Huangdao District of Qingdao. The hotel cost 3 billion yuan. The most intuitive feeling for the hotel is the vastness. The hotel is surrounded by the sea on three sides and the semicircular coastline is like a cornucopia. Exclusive 270 degree pure sea view. As the first super-star Wenchuang resort hotel in mainland China, Qingdao Hanbilou Hotel highlights the cultural connotation. The core of the architectural design of Qingdao Hanbi Building is minimalist and zen style. In order to conform to the land of Qilu, the Confucian culture is the keynote of design, and the design concept is modest and humble. The current travellers, first of all, love to take some photo punches. First, I share a few photo guides of Hanbilou. The first recommendation is the private beach. Only the talents who stay at the hotel are qualified to go. The sand on the beach is delicate. A white dress has become the first choice for the public. The tide is changing every day and it is safe. The hotel has four types of restaurants, Chinese, French, Japanese and buffet. The favorite of Japanese beans is Japanese and buffet. The second recommended is the infinity pool on the first and second floors. The calm lake reflects the building and the sky, contracting a whole sea, swimming in the pool and running to the corner. . The sunny aisle is also a newly discovered punching place. The sun shines through the pillars and forms a mottled light on the ground. People stand in the past 85 long shots.
Luotuoxiangzi Museum
Qingdaos most popular attraction, Lao She wrote a famous work here! The Camel Xiangzi Museum in Huangxian Road, South District of Qingdao is a relatively unpopular attraction. Although there are no tickets, there are very few tourists coming to visit. The main reason is that there are too many famous scenic spots in Qingdao. Most tourists do not have Leisure time to walk the streets. The Camel Xiangzi Museum is named after the novel of the same name. The author is a famous writer and educator, Mr. Lao She, who lived here when he was employed by Qingdao University in 1934. Mr. Lao She has created many essays, essays and poems in this apartment. The most famous is the novel "Camel Xiangzi". This work has far-reaching influences. Some chapters are included in Chinese textbooks, most of which are adult Chinese. Visitors have a clear, or vague impression of the novel. The Camel Xiangzi Museum is the first museum in China to be named after a literary work. The idea comes from the son of Lao She, Shu Yi. The museum is small in size, showing the style of Mr. Lao Shes residence here. There is also an exhibition hall, which shows the life story of Mr. Lao She and the ink treasure he has created. There are not many tourists in the museum. The main reason is the lack of publicity. This is also intentional. After all, the size of this pavilion is relatively small. If you enter a large number of tourists, the reception capacity will not be able to keep up. Now it is quiet, but instead Can make people calm down and visit. After all, this place is not used to punch cards and take beautiful photos. It is also a good thing to be a red spot.
The most beautiful road in Shandong is better than the famous Qingdao Trestle, but there are very few tourists! Qinyu Road is located in the southern part of Qingdao, which is the road connecting Lu Xun Park and Xiao Qingdao. This road is built along the curvature of the coastline and offers views of the seascape of Jiaozhou Bay and Huiquan Bay. Although the two bays are only separated by a dike, the style is slightly different. Qinyu Road is a good place for Qingdao to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. The sunrise is in the direction of Huiquan Bay, and the sunset is in the direction of Jiaozhou Bay. Although you can't directly see the sun jumping or sliding down the horizon, but with the sea, the hill, And the buildings are set off against each other, and there is no beauty. Especially at dusk and sunset, the sky in the west is orange-yellow, and the color of the sea is changing. The faint blue connection of the faint yellow looks particularly beautiful, and it feels like watching a painting by a master. The red reefs spread from Lu Xun Park to the seawall of the small Qingdao ticket gate. These reefs vary in size and shape, and some reefs are covered with oysters. Occasionally you can see anglers. Reef Beach is a favorite photo-taking place for tourists. Every day, tourists sit or sit on these reefs and try to take photos that they think are most satisfactory. Looking into Jiaozhou Bay, there are several huge wheels parked on the relatively calm sea. This is actually a museum. Every day, many military fans buy tickets to visit. Near the coast of the bay is the famous trestle, which is the most popular attraction in Qingdao. Everyone who travels to Qingdao has to go to the card. The quiet beauty of qinyu Road and the hustle and bustle of the trestle bridge form a strong contrast. On the Qinyu Road, you can see the small Qingdao lighthouse. This lighthouse is white and is one of the most conspicuous landscapes between the two bays. It is the navigation mark for ships entering and leaving the port. Every evening, after the staff of the scenic spot get off work, visitors can enter Xiao Qingdao free of charge. Within half an hour before the free opening, Qinyu Road is close to the ticket gate, and visitors are always more than other times. Qinyu Island is a place for couples to take a leisurely walk. There are also some restaurants on the beach. The dining environment is good and the price is slightly higher than other places.
Ocean University of China (Yushan Campus)
One of the most beautiful universities in China, one of which is in Qingdao, Shandong! China has a vast territory and many universities. The most popular among tourists are Peking University, Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, Wuhan University and Suzhou University. Compared with other high-profile universities, China Ocean University in Qingdao appears to be starry. In fact, it is also one of the top ten most beautiful universities in China. The scenery is not lost to Xiamen University, Wuhan University, Peking University, and Tsinghua University. China Ocean University was founded in 1924. It was formerly a private university in Qingdao. It is the most western-style university in China. 1930, the provincial Shandong University and the private Shandong University merged to form the National Qingdao University. In 1958, the main part of Shandong University moved to Jinan, leaving the Department of Aquatic Systems and the Department of Oceanography. These faculties were combined to form Shandong Ocean University in 1959. In 1988, the school was renamed Qingdao Ocean University. It was renamed China Ocean University and it is still used today. The most ancient campus of Ocean University of China is located on Yushan Road, which is adjacent to Xiaoyushan, Zhanqiao, Lu Xun Park and the first bathing beach. Take a panoramic view of the school by boarding the tower at the highest point of the Xiaoyushan Park. At the heights of the school you can also look out over the beach and the scenery is beautiful. Walking at the China Ocean University Yushan Campus, different styles of Western architecture tell a long history, showing the exquisiteness and atmosphere of Western architecture. The campus is full of trees, sea breeze, walking tours, and exotic. This is the most artistic campus in Qingdao and even the whole country. China Ocean University is not as popular as Xiamen University, Wuhan University and other famous universities. Even on weekends and holidays, there are not many tourists visiting here. The school does not implement the appointment system like Xiamen University and other universities. During the opening hours, people in the community can visit and play, as long as they do not affect the quiet atmosphere of the campus, no one will say anything about you.