Qinghai Lake
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Leo - Libra on HolidayWe arrived and thought it was a bad idea because you started to see a lot of car and crowded. It turned out very well and nice to visit! The place is really big, many people doesn’t really walk, they stop to take photo and taking train. So you can enjoy walking on the lake by yourself. You have to rent the shoes and that cost like 10yuan each. Nice place and recommended for a good sunny day 🤩
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提琴G大调China's largest inland lake, the largest saltwater lake. The blue blue Qinghai Lake, giving the first eye and a feeling of the sea, there are seagulls, there are lake waves hitting the rocks, the wind blowing, on the face with salty taste of the lake wind, looking at the distant snowy mountains, next to the yellow bald grassland, blue sky, At the same time, the lake has a rich sense of the first line of beauty!
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大奔888Qinghai Lake, the Tibetan name of the "Cuowenbu" (meaning "the blue sea"). It is located in the northeastern Qinghai Plateau, Qinghai Province, China's largest inland lake. It is formed by the fault between Datong Mountain, Riyue Mountain and Qinghai Nanshan Mountain of the Qilian Mountains. Qinghai Lake is the largest saltwater lake in China, and is an important water body to maintain the ecological security of the northeast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. On July 30, 2012, the latest remote sensing monitoring results from the Qinghai Meteorological Science Institute showed that the area of Qinghai Lake increased for eight years. At 0950 hours on October 20, 2014, the spectacular scene of Dragon Water Absorbing appeared on the north side of Haixin Mountain in Qinghai Lake.
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E40***48Perfect spot for sunset...... With breezes blowing from qinghai sea... Blue sea.... Sun and moon mountain...
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Steven ZhangQinghai Province is known as Qinghai Lake, can imagine the significance of this lake. Around the lake can find the surrounding is beautiful scenery, not only the sea and the grassland of the splendor! The beauty of Qinghai, in addition to the beautiful natural scenery, there are a lot of humanistic characteristics of the scenery, the perfect combination of nature and humanities is the charm of Qinghai! The picturesque scenery in Qinghai is not necessary to deliberately look for, walking is the scenic spot. A camping base on the shores of Qinghai Lake, the grassland and Qinghai Lake are perfectly integrated, so beautiful. With the animal husbandry economy as the fundamental area of Qinghai Lake, the everywhere snails and horses have become an indispensable scenic line, mountain wild king likes this scenery. Such pictures seem to be downloaded from the desktop library as beautiful too unreal! 9.6 million square kilometers of land on the various scenery, life can not walk! Great rivers and mountains of China, beautiful so amazing, so moving! This kind of scenery looks like the scenery of the foreign country is actually the characteristic scenery of the northwest region of China, but we stayed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai for a long time, and we were used to the soft beauty of the river country in the south, and also saw many high-rise buildings in Beishangguang. We thought this kind of scenery is rare in China. I don't know what it is called here, anyway, look beautiful, there is a different scenery, so the mountain wild Jun shun-hand pat down. This kind of original scenery is beautiful like a picture, only to come here to know how beautiful Qinghai.
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不冷静小姐奇遇记There are many sunrise scenic spots around the Heimahe Township. I went to a point closer to the Heimahe Township. I left early in the morning. There are small roads on the side of the road leading directly to the lake. There are several Tibetan Buddhist buildings hidden in the twilight. Then people are waiting for the sun to rise at the lake. A little bit overcast. The clouds are thicker, and I didn't see the full sunrise, but I just exposed a circle of gold, birds flying on the water, the lake surged to the shore with the wind, and after sunrise I could see the snowy mountains behind me. Even if the sunrise was not perfect, the scenery was still great.

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Haixin MountainQinghai Lake,China

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Quan BayHainan,China

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Mohe Salt FieldHaixizhou,China

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Yuanzicheng Memorial HallHaibei,China

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Gucha Mountain (sankuaishi)Qinghai Lake,China

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