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Popular Attractions in Qinglong

24 Corners
104 Reviews
CCP Historical Site
24 Corners, formerly known as "Yaguan," is located on the route between Guizhou and Yunnan, where military aid to China was transported during the period of the Second Sino-Japanese War. Its original appearance remains intact after 60 years. Known as the "Stilwell Road" in world history, 24 Corners is a testimony to the Second World War and the Second Sino-Japanese War — it has great historical value and was named one of the top 18 attractions in Jinzhou.
24th Road Turning
43 Reviews
Annan Acient City
39 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
US Army Gas Station
5 Reviews
Historical Site

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Trip Moments

Twenty-four roads have been a strategic point of the past, and how difficult it is to transport supplies on such a tortuous road. Going up to the observation deck, the Rally's car is on the route, and there will be a speed and passion here. 24th turn is an ideal mountain road car climbing competition. Since 2005, there have been many car rally events held here. Enthusiasm is like a fire, the players ride away from the dust, it is a new wave of worship, and the twenty-four turns are far more than just the contest of speed and passion, there is a legendary history behind him. Twenty-four roads is still an important anti-war road, and it is also the image of the "Stilwell Highway". The ancient name is "Crow Guan", male, strange, dangerous, and stern. The straight line from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain is about 350 meters, and the vertical height is about 260 meters. It is built on the slope of about 60 degrees on the slope with the "S" type, and the circle is hovering to the gate. The whole journey is about 4 kilometers. The Ming and Qing Dynasties, here is the ancient martyrdom of the hustle and bustle. The gate is built with the "Yongquan Temple", and the temple is surrounded by tea kiosks, which are specially designed for passers-by tourists. Above the rock wall next to the temple, there are stone carvings such as Ganquan Victory, Yunling Mountain Color, Wu Dao Dry Weight, And Drinking People. The crows of the crows are famous, the name is noisy, and the poetry of the Ming dynasty "the hurricane is high in the mountains, the clouds are empty and the horses are hard, and the first is the provincial capital, and it is the key to the lock."
Posted: Dec 5, 2018
The wooden buildings in the ancient town of Annan gradually faded into bright colors. At the end of the street was the imitation of the Republic of China. Before the arrival of the crowd, it entered the stage and immediately entered the stage. came to Qinglong County and opened the prelude to this mountain trip. In a short while, I went to the high-speed. At the Qinglong toll station, there were people welcoming. The girls sang the folk songs enthusiastically. The trip to Guizhou does not need to be twisted and twisted in the big cities with congestion. It is still very interesting to visit the small towns. First we came to the ancient city of Annan, now called Qinglong Ancient City. What surprised me is that in this small county town, there is actually a car rally with international status. All kinds of cool car skills can be seen on the county road. Listening to the roar of the car is really exciting. In front of the ancient city of Annan, a cool racing car was parked, and after the quaint city gate, the atmosphere immediately became a living, as if to see the ancient city's past style. Annan Ancient City is one of the representative works of the modern restoration of the ancient city of Southwest Guizhou and even Guizhou Province. Located in Liancheng Township, Qinglong County, Guizhou Province, it was reconstructed on the basis of the history of Qinglong County. It is the main shooting base of the TV series "Twenty-four Roads". Because Qinglong was called Annan in ancient times, it was called Annan Ancient City. Mountain City Qinglong in early summer
Posted: Dec 5, 2018
Twenty-four abductions were called the lifeline during the war of resistance. At that time, international aid materials arrived in Kunming via the Burma Road, and they had to go to the front line and Chongqing through the "24-way turn" line. Twenty-four turns have also become the throat of the lifeline of the war, the most famous section of the Stilwell road. In the past 60 years, there have been many opinions about the specific location of the Twenty-four Roads. In 1943, the US military and the army reporter took a picture of the twenty-four turns, which aroused the attention of the international community. This road was short of 4 kilometers but had 24 180-degree turns, which is a miracle. For many years, some scholars and experts thought that the twenty-four roads were in some places in Yunnan or abroad in India and Myanmar, but there was no definitive evidence until the 2002 World War II expert Go Shuyas many years of investigation. Conclusion: Twenty-four Roads is located in Qinglong County, Southwest Guizhou Province. Twenty-four roads have long been known as cultural relics protection units. They are well known in Qinglong County, but outsiders have been searching hard. Qinglong County is a poverty-stricken county. The main task of the place is to get rid of poverty and ignore the development and publicity of the Twenty-four Roads. This road was built in 1935. After one year, it was completed and opened to traffic. When the road was built, the labor force that can be dispatched in Qinglong County was almost all dispatched, and the animals that could pull the camel were all in battle.
Posted: Dec 22, 2018
Posted: Dec 28, 2018