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About Qingyang

Qingyang is located on the banks of the middle-lower Yangtze River, in the northern section of Anhui’s southern mountains, and is under the administration of Chizhou City, Anhui Province. Qingyang has a long history and highly developed folk arts: traditional theater forms including dramas of the famous Buddhist tale of Mulian saving his mother from hell; traditional local Nuong drama; and a wide variety of folk songs that are still performed around the area. The local environment is lovely and rich in natural scenery. Local scenic destinations include Jiuhua (“Nine Glorious”) Mountain (one of China’s four famous Buddhist mountains), Qingyuan (“Clear Springs”) Mountain, and Shenxian ("Divinities”) Cave.

Popular Attractions in Qingyang

Statue of Ksitigarbha
531 Reviews
The Statue of Ksitigarbha, also known as the Dayuan Cultural Park, is situated in Ke Village at the northern foot of Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Spot. It is divided into the bronze statue of Ksitigarbha, the inner and outer Mingtang Square, and the Xiaoxitian Scenic Spot. Surrounding the Statue of Ksitigarbha are white marble lotus flowers and azure stone walls with the bottom of the Buddhist pond paved with a gold mosaic. There are also a variety of valuable tree species planted in the vicinity, such as Cinnamomum Camphora and Mexican Mulberry. The ingenuity of the bronze statue lies in how it is angled. The back of the bronze statue faces east and the front faces west, with the Lion Peak in its background. Looking at the statue face on when the sun rises, one will be treated to glowing rays shining in all directions.
Lianfengyunhai Scenic Spot
66 Reviews
Baihua Village Rongcheng Town, Chizhou, China
Jiuziyan Scenic Area
133 Reviews
Jiuziyan Scenic Area is located in the south of Qingyang County, Chizhou City, and is part of the back mountain of the Jiuhua Mountain Range. There are several temples on the hill where you can enter and participate in devout prayer and worship. The natural landscape here is mainly based around many strange peaks and rock formations and there is also a creek waterfall. It is a sightseeing and travel spot integrating natural scenery and Buddhist culture.
Jiuhua Mountain
4,385 Reviews
Mount Jiuhua is located within Chizhou, Anhui Province. It is a scenic mountain area characterized by Buddhist culture and natural and archaeological sights. Mount Jiuhua is one of the four great Buddhist mountains in China and was among the first group of tourist attractions to receive a national 5A designation. It is the first location in China to receive both a natural and cultural heritage designation and is the focal point of the popular “two mountains and one lake” Anhui travel itinerary.

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Qingyang Weather

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Trip Moments

The Great Wishing Culture Park is divided into three main functional areas: Impression Jiuhua and the World Buddhist Cultural Exchange Center. The buildings include the Hall Hall, the Pavilion Bridge, and the Tower Pavilion. The pavilions in the park are opposite, the trees are shaded, the trees are towering, the arches are arranged, and the tower stands. The surroundings are very quiet, so my heart has become very calm, step by step with a heart of sincerity. I didnt think that when I came to my grandmother, I didnt have this big Buddha. It was the sacred trace of the former Jiuhuashan Buddhist Associations president Ren Deda, who was the patriarch of the Guangda Tibetan Buddhism. The spirit of the great will, the proof of Bodhi; the hell is not empty, the vow not to become a Buddha, is the heart of this place to build a large bronze statue of the Bodhisattva. 98 years, the state agreed to build a bronze statue of the Buddha, the perfect combination of the magical landscape and the profound Buddha culture, making Jiuhuashan a pure land of "human and Buddha coexist". This time, I also have a wish. Although my grandmother is old and unable to travel far, I will bring back the bronze statue of the Buddha and Jiuhua scenery. I will show it to her and tell her. . Walk over the bridge, cross the archway, and continue to the Hongyeon Hall. It is a four-story earth-filled building. The Hung Hing Hall means a place to promote the grand vows of the Tibetan Buddhism. From a positive perspective, it is like an open arms, and welcomes guests from all directions. If the 99-meter Dizang Bodhisattva icon is the humanistic symbol of the Great Wishing Culture Park, then the Hongyuan Hall, which is located at the forefront of the central axis, is the largest cultural park in the world. It is also the largest and most complete in the world. A place to showcase the culture of the place.
Posted: Jan 1, 2019
As an authentic Anhui native, Jiuhuashan is only heard, never stepping on this Buddhist holy place. Sitting on the bus to Jiuhuashan, the places related to religion always make people feel mysterious. For the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism, I am also very curious about such mystery. I first visited the Jiuhua Holy Land and came to Jiuhuashan Dayuan Cultural Park with a sincere heart. The Great Wishing Culture Park is located under the Lion Peak of Jiuhua Mountain and is built in accordance with the wishes of Master Rende. It aims to promote the spirit of the King of Bodhisattva. The park sells tickets separately, and the ticket price is 120 yuan, which can be booked online. The Great Wishing Culture Park is divided into two parts, one is the Hongyitang and the other is the bronze statue of the open-air Tibetan Buddha. The Bodhisattva of the Tibetan King Bodhisattva is an outstanding representative of the spirit of the world in the real world with the ambition of "the hell is not empty, the swearing is not a Buddha, the sentient beings are exhausted, and the evidence is bodhi". Hongyuantang aims to promote the great wishes of the Tibetan Buddhism. This is the largest exhibition center for Tibetan culture in the country. Hongyintang collects the elegant beauty of the Huizhou decoration, the solemn beauty of Buddhist statues, the beauty of the beauty of Jiuhua landscape, and the beauty of folk customs. . There is no ordinary incense in the Hongyuan Hall, and some are just chanting that can calm people. Starting in the counterclockwise direction, you will visit the Hongyue Hall. The first thing you will see is the wood carvings of the Bodhisattva and the stone carvings of the related allusions. Exquisite carving skills, the grass and the wood, the Buddha and the deer carved vividly, people can not help but pay homage to prayer.
Posted: Mar 12, 2019