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Things To Do in Qingyang

    Popular Hotels in Qingyang

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    Huachi Shuangta TempleQingyang,China

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    Tianxia GalleryQingyang,China

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    Huanxian Daoqingpiying MuseumQingyang,China

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    Laoye MountainQingyang,China

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    Dongmencun Culture SquareQingyang,China

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    Longdong Ski FieldQingyang,China

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    Qingyang Travel Tips

    About Qingyang

    Qingyang is located in the far east of Gansu Province, where Shaanxi, Gansu, and Ningxia meet. It is located in a channel on the middle stretches of the Yellow River on the Loess Plateau. Qingyang City is one of the locations where Chinese agriculture developed, where the ancestor of the Zhou dynasty Bu Zhu initiated the beginnings of agriculture. The Zhouzuling (“Zhou Ancestor Tomb”) Forest Park comprises the Zhou Ancestral Culture Scenic Area (周祖文化景区) and the Agriculture Cultural Experience Park (农耕文化体验园). Qingyang is also the home of the Huanjiang Pterosaur, Yellow River Stegodon, and China’s first paleolithic excavation site.

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    Here are the best places to visit in Qingyang, including: Northern Cave Temple,Zhouzu Mausoleum Forest Park,Xiaokongtong Sichuan Food Restaurant
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