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About Qingyuan

Qingyuan is located in central Guangdong. It is one of the major areas in Guangdong Province with a large population of ethnic minorities. Qingyuan is a hilly, hummocky, mountainous area. There are tall mountains, deep canyons, lush primordial forests and magnificent lakes. This area is filled to the brim with the style of the Zhuang and Yao ethnicities. There are plenty of opportunities to see many ethnic cultural performances. Qingyuan's natural landscape is magnificent beyond compare. You can visit the sharp slopes of Feixia (Rosy Flying Clouds) Mountain. This is a relaxing place for escape the stifling heat of summer and an ideal place for returning to the great outdoors. You can also go see the Lianzhou Underground River, surrounded by karst landforms that grow deep beneath the surface of the earth's crust. This is the canyon and mountain spring for Guangdong's highest peak, Shikengkong. You also can visit some water villages with a hometown feel to experience and enjoy the unique architecture of a Lingnan Water Town and appreciate the charm of the rich historical and cultural landscape.

Popular Attractions in Qingyuan

Lianzhou Underground River
1,866 Reviews
Boat Tour
Lianzhou Underground River is a giant natural cave with temperatures around 18 °C, making it great for summer vacations. The cave is divided into three layers, the upper two being comprised of land, while the bottom layer is a dark river. To explore the underground river, it is accessible by boat. The cave is filled with stalactites of various shapes and sizes, among them the Xianren Shentian, which is quite unique. The layers of stalactites are distributed like spectacular terraces.
Cave Fairland
1,242 Reviews
Geological Sites
Dongtian Xianjing has both sinkholes and karst caves, making it a very interesting place. There are many different sinkholes, and inside the karst caves there are all kinds of stalactites. Under the light, they produce many colors, and tourists can take a boat tour to see them. You can walk along the suspended glass bridge, enjoy the beautiful scenery around you, and marvel at the wonders of nature.
Xinyinzhan Hot Spring Holiday Resort
749 Reviews
Hot Spring
Xinyinzhan Hot Spring Holiday Resort is a well-known hot spring in Guangdong Province. It is surrounded by Yinyu Forest Farm and the Yinyu Reservoir. The hot springs here are natural and run 100 meters underground. Luxurious hot spring baths and hot spring villas are built on the mountain. There are a variety of hot springs to choose from.
Gulong Gorge Rafting
2,228 Reviews
In Gulong Gorge, the entire rafting course is comprised of natural river channels, encompassing immense drops in elevation and precipitous river beds. The full race course is 6063 in length, with a drop in elevation amounting to 378 meters. The course is divided into two legs, namely the "Extreme Race Course" and the "Challenge Race Course". Natural waterfall clusters and karst cave mountain springs provide plentiful water for rafting. On a scorching summer's day, the water feels cooling and pleasant.

Qingyuan Tours & Tickets

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Qingyuan Weather

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Trip Moments

Min Hua Emily   
Posted: Oct 31, 2019
Guangzhou surrounding network red card to take a photo of new places! Tens of thousands of lanterns to create a beautiful visual feast
Qingyuan Niu Yu mouth original ecological scenic area is the latest open to visitors - dream time and space, tens of thousands of colorful lights, countless glass and mirrors in Under the ingenuity of the designers, each visitor is presented with a superb romantic and beautiful visual feast!
1 The candy maze
indoor glass maze sees much more, but the estimate of the color change is also the first time to see it? Walking into this maze composed of numerous transparent glass splicing, it is like being in a romantic fairy tale world that is also true and magical. Here, the safest way to pass is to extend your hands forward and use your fingertips to touch the glass partition with or without. As the connecting link of other items in the whole fantasy time and space, the intricate setting of the candy maze makes it a little tangled through every corner.
2Respiratory forest
breathing forest is the first aesthetic space introduced by the candy maze. The patchwork chandeliers seem to have life, and they will automatically follow our respiratory frequency discoloration. Because the six faces in the room are all mirrored glass, so this beautiful light and shadow change is superimposed by geometric multiples, super shock!
3The abyss
the abyss is the second mysterious space in the dream time and space. The top design makes people seem to be covered by countless stars, and the glass floor of the sole is paved with a flat mirror and a semi-transparent mirror. Under the action of the light, it is more suspended than the ordinary transparent glass plank. The illusion on it.
4Time Tunnel
If the Candy Maze, the Breathing Ridge and the Abyss are all light and shadow games that are purely adjusted by the color of the lights and the light and shade, then the Time Tunnel is definitely a moving kaleidoscope! The narrow channel as the axis is divided into two front and rear sections, and the outer periphery is rotated in two different directions, clockwise and counterclockwise. Although it is walking in a straight line, the message transmitted by the eye to the brain is another feeling, maybe This is the interstellar journey of fighting the stars!
can pass through the time tunnel to the starry house full of stars! Closer look at this is a hand-sized diamond lighting, countless small "diamonds" gathered together to shine, the distant Galaxy may actually grow like this?
Posted: Jul 3, 2019
The original ecological scenic spot of Niu Yuzui has carefully built the first mountain spring pirate theme water house in the north of Guangzhou at the foot of Maoshan and Niuyu Lake - Pirate Valley! Although there are no Caribbean pirates here, there are water worlds consisting of six parts: fairy tale time and space, sea water village, parent-child slide, secret water world, surf kingdom, and king war!

Thanks to the cool spring water of Shenquan and the water source of the first stream in Lingnan, the water in the pirate valley is clear and desolate. Compared to many paradise where the conditions are not good enough, there is no smell of disinfectant water and the water quality is super good. You can give the skin a spa while playing with water!

1The fairy tale time and space is composed of exquisite shapes such as kangaroos, apples and mushrooms.

2The sea water village is composed of a giant wave pirate ship and a double-lane large slide. The center has a water bucket, which is very exciting! The

3 parent-child slide is designed for one climb and two slides. The left side is the extreme speed slide, and the slope of the slide is close to 70 degrees!

4 The secret world of secret water is to use the unique advantages of water village to create a water maze. Children wear water and solve the secret world.

5 The Kingdom of the Waves is a world kingdom of high-altitude water created by the unique advantages of Water Village.

6 The war of the king is composed of a well-built naval gun and a four-door Shenwu cannon, which can be fired on the cool spring water. Of course, if you want to use the water spray gun directly, you can!
Posted: Jul 2, 2019
In the summer, the sun is like a fire! A little bit of it will sweat! What is the most suitable outdoor sport this season? Drifting can definitely enter the top three!
In the past few years, the canyoning has been tired of me, and now I want to experience exciting new things. There are many places on the glass path! The glass bridge is not unusual! Then try the glass drifting! This double dragon glass drifting hidden in the original ecological scenic spot of Niu Yuzui was unexpectedly world-class, and it takes only one hour to drive from Guangzhou. You must plant grass for everyone!
World Record
The longest suspended glass drifting slide in the world In 2018, the Ssangyong Glass Aerial Drift Slide set the world record for the World Record Association's the longest suspended glass drifting slide in the world. Shuanglong Glass rafting utilizes the unique topographic features of Tai Mo Shan to fully utilize the water potential of the Niu Shuang Shuang Waterfall to construct two fully transparent suspended floating water channels, each of which is 1600 m and 1800 m long respectively. The highest point reaches 100 meters.
Double surprises
speed and passion There is always a fascinating waterway that is more 1600 meters long. The wind in addition to the wind in the ear is the splash of water everywhere; A 360 revolving channel is about 1800 meters long, and the nine-curve maneuver + 360-degree turn + 360-degree loopback is extremely impactful.
drifting in the natural oxygen bar The Shuanglong Glass Aerial Drifting Slide is located at the halfway of the Niuyuzui National Forest Park. It has the largest jungle in Qingyuan City. It is definitely a natural oxygen bar filled with negative ions! While enjoying the speed of speeding in the valley of the original forest park, while breathing the fresh mountain atmosphere, it is absolutely refreshing!
Using the ultimate
theoretically unlimited "continuing drift" drifting Ssangyong glass airborne gliding slides the most "powdering" is just a ticket purchase, one day business hours can be unlimited "continuation drift", Its a good deal to think about it! From the end of the drift to the starting point, it takes about 5 minutes to walk. As long as you can move, then a day is theoretically feasible!
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / The year has continued to flow, so it is known as the Fountain of God. High-quality drifting water also makes the entire glass slide more transparent and dreamy!
Icy and stimulating drifting both relieves summer and decompresses. At the moment, the most worthwhile punching net red glass drifting - the squid floating in the squid mouth is too exciting, and you can't stop it when you play!
1The goods storage service is available in the dressing room near the finish point. The locker costs 20/50 yuan, so you don't have to worry about the items being splashed!
2When the first rafting ticket is checked, the staff will wear a bracelet for each visitor. As a credential for continuation of drifting, dont tear it off!
3If you are still worried about the wetness of the spring water that the body or the shoes and socks will splash, there are raincoats and rain pants for sale at the starting point.
Posted: Jun 25, 2019