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About Qionglai

Qionglai is located in the middle of Sichuan Province, to the southwest of the Chengdu Plain. It is the hometown of the female literati Zhuo Wenjun of the Western Han. The classical Chinese love story "Feng Qiu Huang" (about Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru) took place here. There are many cultural relics and historic sites in the area. There is the Shifang Tang Qiong Kiln (a National Key Cultural Relic Protection Unit) and also provincial cultural relic protection units such as the Wejun Well, the Wayao Guyi Relics, the Stone Pagoda Temple, the Shisun Mountain cliff carvings and the Huilan Pagoda. This place also has the Helin Temple—a Buddhist holy place in Western Sichuan—as well as Zhuxi Lake, the Wenjun Well, the Western Sichuan Green Pearl Provincial Level Scenic Tourism Area and the National Forest Park Tiantai Mountain.

Popular Attractions in Qionglai

Tiantai Mountain
740 Reviews
Tiantai Mountain is located 110km from Chengdu in Qionglai. This is the original habitat of the giant panda. The scenic area is full of dense primordial forests, bubbling streams, and gushing waterfalls. The Flower Stone Forest is a geological oddity made of gray conglomerate stone, which has been exposed to the elements and, over millions of years, worn away to create all sorts of fantastical shapes. Many visitors say it compares favorably with Yunnan's Stone Forest. Make sure to stay overnight and turn off your flashlights because the scenic area really comes alive at night with 17 native species of fireflies, located between 800 meters and 1,400 meters above sea level. Every year between April and October it's firefly watching time. Anywhere between Tiantai and Xiushui is a good place to set up and watch the natural show of lights.
Bamboo Canyon Scenic Area (Jinji Valley)
431 Reviews
Bamboo Canyon Scenic Area (Jinji Valley) is one of western Sichuan's best places to go to escape the summer heat. The scenic area is located in the Dashan Mountains in the vicinity of Pingle Ancient Town. Bamboo Canyon Scenic Area (Jinji Valley) is full of verdant green stands of bamboo. The air is fresh and clean, like relaxing in a natural oxygen bar. Tourists visiting the canyon will find clear mountain rapids flowing in sync with the calm environment to be relaxing in a manner beyond compare.
Pingle Ancient Town
356 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Pingle Ancient Town is located in southwestern Qionglai. It is among the most original and well-preserved folk villages in western Sichuan. The Baimo River runs through the town from west to east. Along the banks of the river are thousand-year old banyan trees, stilt houses, and small docks. The quaint cobblestone roads and shopfronts, as well as the numerous bridges spanning the Baimo River, are part of Pingle Town's ineffable charm. Many of the town's Ming- and Qing-era houses have not only survived but are in good condition as well. Along both sides of the riverbanks, there are numerous cafés and snack shops to tempt a tired tourist to sit for a while and take a break. No visit is complete without trying the local pheasant and the stone-milled soft tofu.
Daliang Winery Countryside Paradise
292 Reviews
Entertainment Center
Daliang Winery Countryside Paradise is located in the 13th group of Wenbishan Village, Linyi Town. It is a straw art theme park. There are various kinds of children's amusement facilities in the park, which is a good choice for a parent-child visit. There are many cartoon characters in the park: SpongeBob, Little Yellow Duck, Scarecrow, etc. The children will have a great time and the good cooks can go to the kitchen to show off their skills.

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Trip Moments

Pingle Ancient Town, located 93 kilometers southwest of Chengdu, 18 kilometers southwest of Handan City, east to Linyi, Chengdu, west to Ya'an, Kangzang, and Shuikou, Youqi, Kongming, Linji, Daozuo, Huojing It is adjacent to the township and township, and is known as the "one flat two solid three-pronged". Before I went to see the introduction, it was also an ancient town with distinctive features. However, after driving more than an hour in Chengdu, I felt that it was far from being introduced. Like most ancient towns, rivers, old streets, shops, teahouses... but as a half-day pastime, it is enough. When I was tired, I sat down by the river to drink tea and see the tourists who were playing in the water. It was quite pleasant.
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
Where do you go to play? Today, everyone is Amway, a rare and fun destination in Chengdu, Nanbaoshan, starting from Chengdu, only 2 hours by car. Located in the south of the city, Nanbao Mountain is a secret environment around Chengdu. The valley is deep and wide, the mountains are secluded, and there are many large and small rivers. It is a small forest that Chengdu people like to explore and camp. Today, Nanbaoshan has removed the mysterious veil, which has become more open, diverse and stimulating than traditional mountain climbing. strongly recommend the newest glass tunnel in Chengdu, with a total length of 333 meters and a maximum height difference of 220 meters. The bridge overlooks the sea of clouds and enjoys the beautiful scenery of the waterfall. It is beautiful and exciting. Self-driving route recommendation: Chengdu District - Chengwenyu Expressway - Xixixia Expressway - Drive into Hulu Road - Shuikou Town - Nanbaoshan Visitor Center tips: May Day Free high-speed traffic throughout the country, try to start early, avoid high-speed congestion.
Posted: Apr 30, 2019