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City Park
Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park

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"City Park"
" Chongshan Park is located in the Nianzishan District of Qiqihar City. It is a rare park on the hill in the city. The park covers an area of 60 hectares connected by the east and west mountains. The terraces and corridors between the mountains are paved with real granite. There are 108 steps of climbing stone steps on Shibei Mountain. On both sides of the steps, a pair of 158-meter-long dragons are carved into the air. The People's Liberation Monument of Nianzi Mountain on the top of the mountain stands majestically, the highest point of the West Mountain-Wangcheng Tower, with carved beams and pillars, antiques, bird's eye view of the mountain city, panoramic views. Fuyun pavilion and the towering towers of the West Mountain are in radiance, and the pavilions are hidden among the forests. They are chic and free. The dragon-carved sky pond and the colorful lantern fountain are like a picture scroll. The beautiful and pleasant ecological environment, the majestic and beautiful landscape, and the rich and harmonious combination of facilities show a unique and charming cultural style. Tips: ①After entering from the main entrance, you can see 108 climbing steps. On the mountain stands the People's Liberation Monument of Nianzi Mountain. After the monument, you can go to the Fuyun Pavilion to ascend the view. ②Go through the mountain gate in Figure 2 and enter the West Mountain. On the hill stands a hopeful tower, and the Tianchi Lake is worth visiting and taking pictures."