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National Park
Arxan National Forest ParkNearby City

Arxan National Forest Park

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"National Park"
Ranked #1 in Aershan Amazing Natural Scenery
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"Aershan City, known as "China Switzerland" | Aershan City, located in the northwest of the Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, across the southwest foot of the Greater Xing'an Mountains, is the political, economic and cultural center of the forest district of Xing'an League. In 2019, it was awarded the title of "China Natural Oxygen Bar" to create the region. The northern border town is the smallest in China, but it is also the most European. "The city is not big, but a main road runs through both sides, and the streets are lined with European-style buildings, with unique villas, gothic-style pointed roofs, and castle-style hotels." And the most beautiful station in the net red station, the arzan train station. The city of arzan in autumn, against the colored forests of the surrounding hillsides, does have a feeling of walking in a small Swiss town, a bit like grindewald, a bit like ingers. No wonder,Aershan City is also known as "China Switzerland"?[Travel traffic strategy]About Aershan City,Can be used as the transit city to Aershan National Forest Park,Although the city is not big,But there are airports,There are railway stations,Transportation is very convenient. 1, 🚄 Train: Two trains are sent from Ulanhot to Alshan every day. Go one morning and one night, you can enjoy the forest scenery of Alshan on both sides of the railway. The train cost is about 60 yuan. 2, ✈️ Airplane: You can also take the plane and land directly at Ilsh Airport in Alshan. Beijing Daxing, Hohhot, Ulanhot, Harbin and Hailar all have direct flights to Alshan. 3, 🚌 Car: Ulanhot to Alshan, six buses a day. 4, 🚗 Self-driving: Ulanhot is 254 kilometers from Alshan City, it takes two hours to drive, the road is very good, but the driveway is narrow."