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Wudian City Traditional Area

4.7/5400 Reviews
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Meiling Street, Jinjiang City, Quanzhou City
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About Wudian City Traditional Area

The Wudian City Traditional Area is found between many high-rise buildings, in stark comparison to modern urban civilization. Strolling into the Wudian City Traditional Area, you can see much scenery on the ancient stone road. The large and small buildings in the neighborhood are similar to a thick book of Jinjiang historical architectural art. From the Lusi Li Art Museum to the Chinese and Western buildings, they are all showing the special Jinjiang architectural style.

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  • ONLYOU惟伊

    In the downtown area, behind Wanda, a variety of residential buildings and overseas Chinese buildings in southern Fujian are on display, some of which are antiques and some are imitations. Now they are becoming more and more lively, and many restaurants, such as Haidilao, have entered. There are also some art exhibitions, such as famous paintings, porcelain, and Lingyuan tea, which can be bought. In the center of Jinjiang, besides the park, it is like a scenic spot here.

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    Reviewed on 1457361671000
  • 迷糊的加菲猫

    Here I like it very much. The ancient buildings gathered here from all over the world bring together the garden, leisure and entertainment, delicious food and cultural appreciation. And there is no charge, from all sides can enter the five stores market, people are not deliberately guided consumption feeling, very relaxed.

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    Reviewed on 1502727349000
  • dongdongwa

    The building has the characteristics of southern Fujian. Although it is retrofitted, it also retains the ancient style and is worth visiting. The flow of people is not very large, and it is still clear. Most rooms are developed for traveling and selling, while a few have related folklore displays. Don't miss them.

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    Reviewed on 1521237981000
  • 夏目Sev7n

    Super Super Super Super Ball! As a senior housewife, well, a housewife who goes out twice in three months! Every time I go out, I will go to Wudian Market, go to Fengyazong to read, meet with steak, go to Ruiba to drink ~~

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    Reviewed on 1491659012000
  • 林下清风1989

    When we arrived at Wudian City, we had no idea that in such a busy business circle, there was such a quiet building with the characteristics of southern Fujian. It has a special flavor to go in. It is said that Wudian City is the birthplace of the whole Jinjiang River. Legend has it that during the first year of Tang Kaiyuan, five people surnamed Cai Seventh Sun opened five catering shops on the official road under Qingyang Mountain to facilitate pedestrians, flags, meals and fragrant dishes. They were well known as "Qingyang Cai, Wudian City". Since then, "Wudian City" has become the nickname of Qingyang. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Wudian City has become a busy district with numerous shops, busy streets and beautiful red brick dwellings.

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    Reviewed on 1433343290000
  • _CFT01****4402427

    From a shopping paradise in Hong Kong, I came to the old ancestor's home of Hebi, a combination of Chinese and Western. There are many things I had eaten in my childhood. The characteristics of the block are: the block has a long history. During the Kaiyuan period of Tang Dynasty, Qingyang was known as "Wudian City" and the block was the birthplace of Jinjiang City, with outstanding architectural features. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, there are more than 100 historic buildings, such as "Imperial Palace rises" red brick buildings with Fujian characteristics, western and Chinese foreign buildings, well-preserved buildings from the Republic of China to modern times, with four sceneries in "Eight Sceneries of Qingyang", Cai's ancestral hall, Chuang's family temple, Shigu temple and Buzhengya, Cai Maxian residence, Chaobei Dacuo, Zhuangzhixu residence, Wanran villa, etc.

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    Reviewed on 1442147244000
  • M48****413

    Wudian traditional block in Jinjiang is the representative of Minnan culture. It was an important commercial area in the Song Dynasty. It brought together businessmen from all over the world and was the most important port for China's export at that time. There are many styles of architecture here. Most of them are red brick buildings. There are exquisite Chinese traditional sculptures and Islamic architecture outside. At the same time, there are also European Renaissance architectural styles. It can be said that it is a gathering place of architecture of all countries and is of great tourist value.

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    Reviewed on 1538542468000
  • 小雯崽嗡嗡嗡

    The origin of Wudian City was in the first year of the Tang Dynasty. Five people, surnamed Cai Seventh Generation Sun, opened five restaurants on the official road under Qingyang Mountain to facilitate pedestrians, attract wind with wine flags, enjoy fragrant meals and enjoy a long reputation. They were known as "Qingyang Cai, Wudian City" - since then, "Wudian City" has become another name of Qingyang. Most of the old residences of overseas Chinese have been migrated from all over the country to protect them. They retain the original appearance of red brick to the greatest extent. Most of them show the artistic culture of ancient Nan Opera, calligraphy and painting, festivals and so on. They can also experience the traces of life of the overseas Chinese families who have returned to their homeland in the meantime.

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    Reviewed on 1545015925000
  • M42****408

    The traditional block of Wudian should be the most worthwhile place for tourists to visit in Jinjiang city. Of course, the building must have been renovated, and so is the Badaling Great Wall. Red Brick Ancient Foot is the most characteristic traditional building in southern Fujian. Now there are many commercial food and drinks in the neighborhood; beside it is Wanda Square, where food, clothing, shelter and transportation are very convenient.

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    Reviewed on 1505065701000
  • 花仙子小蓓

    In the evening, you can visit the traditional streets of Wudian City, abandon the dryness of the day and watch some petty bourgeois tunes at night. The alleys are deep, various ancestral temples are nearby, and there are some well-known restaurants, walk around, if you like photography friends still have a little to shoot!

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    Reviewed on 1479373091000
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