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Cradle Mountain

Cradle MountainNearby City

4.4/5129 Reviews
"National Park"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Cradle Mountain is a natural wonder on Tasmania. The whole mountain looks like a huge baby cradle from a distance, very image. This is also a famous national park in Australia, with magnificent natural landscapes and fresh air. It feels like being in a fairyland on earth is worth a visit."
Dove Lake Circuit

Dove Lake CircuitNearby City

4.5/525 Reviews
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"This lake in Cradle Mountain is at the foot of Cradle Mountain. It is a calm lake of melting water from snowy mountains. The lake is very calm. The blue sky and white clouds are reflected in it. It is very beautiful, especially Cradle Mountain in the distance is taken here. It is really unclear whether it is a mountain or a reflection. The scenery is really charming."
Queenstown Heritage Tours

Queenstown Heritage ToursNearby City

4/51 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 174 reviews
"Other Sightseeing Tours"
Sunday - Saturday am 9:00 - pm 5:00days: Sunday - Saturday, times: am 9:00 - pm 5:00, (Local time)
"Steam train, you can buy a ticket and experience it when you have time"
Strahan Visitor Centre

Strahan Visitor CentreNearby City

5/52 Reviews
"I didn't see the introduction of Strahan on Ctrip. This time I came from Launceston by car, and I feel pretty good. Pleasant scenery, quiet seaside town. I like it very much and enjoy a quiet holiday."

SheffieldNearby City

4.4/554 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The Sheffield Mural Town of Launceston is a very beautiful town, and all kinds of murals are painted on the walls of this town. And the paintings are very exquisite, just like pieces of exquisite works of art, definitely worthy of everyone to come and appreciate."
Queenstown Galley Museum

Queenstown Galley Museum

ta-iconbased on 84 reviews
Marion's Lookout Walk

Marion's Lookout WalkNearby City

5/52 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 229 reviews
"There are many hiking routes in Cradle Mountain, some around the lake, some climbing, and some can enter the forest full of towering trees. Walking in, the branches of the entire forest are covered with usnea, and the trails on both sides of the trail are completely like no one has stepped in except animals. Kangaroos are looking for food nearby and ignore us. Most trees have tree holes. Animals I made my home in a tree hole, but I felt that the people living in the forest were not animals, but elves."
Mole Creek Karst National Park

Mole Creek Karst National ParkNearby City

4.5/54 Reviews
"National Park"
"Geological Sites"
"The national park is relatively large and there are several caves. We went to Malakupa cave, because this cave has an underground river, which is not tiring to walk, and there are also glowing worms. It is said that the stalactites in the cave are still growing slowly. When the staff said: When it is dark, please close your eyes and turn off all the lights. When you look up, you can see the glowing worms full of blue fluorescence on the top of the cave in the dark. These glowing worms do not fly. Like the ones in Spring Creek National Park, they are close relatives of the blue fireflies in New Zealand."
West Coast Wilderness Railway

West Coast Wilderness RailwayNearby City

ta-iconbased on 217 reviews
"Other Sightseeing Tours"
Sunday am 9:00 - pm 3:30days: Sunday, times: am 9:00 - pm 3:30,days: Monday - Saturday, times: am 9:00 - pm 4:00, (Local time)
Mount Field National Park

Mount Field National ParkNearby City

4.5/536 Reviews
"National Park"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Traveling to Australia, this stop came to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. Mount Feld National Park is a nature reserve in Tasmania, Australia. It is the oldest national park in Tasmania. It is located 64 kilometers northwest of Hobart. Its highest point is Mount Feld at 1,434 meters above sea level. A national park is a temperate rain forest area. You can see all kinds of rare and exotic grasses in Feldberg Park. Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls are the most famous. On the way, there are tall rain forests, etc. It is a good place for hiking, picnics, skiing and bird watching. Hiking is the most common way of sightseeing. Starting from the tourist service center, you can walk to Russell Falls for about 10 minutes and watch the beautiful scenery of the waterfall cascading down in several layers along the mountain. The trees in the park are towering, some of them are more than 400 meters above, and you can also observe the unique forest area of Tasmania on the way. There is a map of the entire national park at the entrance of the service center. You can choose the trekking time and route according to your own conditions. Starting from the lane leading to Lake Dobson, there are 13 trekking areas. There are mountain huts in the park for accommodation. . Field National Park has a variety of glacial landforms showing the geological relationship between the island and Antarctica. Plants here include huge swamp eucalyptus, sparse eucalyptus, myrtle, sassafras, king pine and Australia's only deciduous forest beech. I came here in winter. When I came to the entrance of the park, I could feel that the temperature was several degrees lower than that in the city. When you step into the woods, the temperature will feel colder as you go in, and the ground is all There was mud on the ground, and dew dripped from time to time." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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