Trip Moments

This steamship, which was first launched in 1912, is the iconic experience of Queenstown tourism, and the ship's terminal is the Walter Peak Ranch. The time on board is not long, it is about 45 minutes. You can choose to see the scenery on the deck or find a good deck in the cabin. Walter Peak Highland Ranch, located on the southwestern shore of Lake Wakatipu. Nowadays, the main work content has become a tourist attraction, and three steam boats carry tourists to visit here every day. Here you can watch the wool shearing show, see highland cattle, grass mud horses, and red deer. The first thing to get off the boat, we were guided by the staff, first came to the stage to see the shearing wool and ranch dog performance. The sheep performed relatively calmly throughout the process. The staff caught the sheep with his legs and began to shave her, and explained the whole process. It took less than ten minutes for a sheep to be shaved. From a fat long-haired sheep to a thin, thin sheep. The highly recommended BBQ lunch is served in the colonel's house at the ranch. There are many types of barbecues, such as roast chicken, roast lamb, roast pig and roast beef. My favorite is roast pork and lamb, and the taste is unforgettable. Desserts are not to be missed, especially chocolate mousse. Look for a nice little corner in the restaurant. Whether it's warm in the sun on the window, or sitting in the landscape of the lake, watching the snow-capped mountains and lakes, it is a good life.
Lake Wakatipu
Traveling in New Zealand and exploring the world's adventure capital Queenstown is known as the world's adventure capital, so you must not miss out on extreme sports in Queenstown. Start your adventure factor and go for a brave skydiving or bungee jumping. Scheduled a skydiving at 10 in the morning, the small partner to challenge the highest bungee in the southern hemisphere, up to 143 meters. Then we started the day of free exploration in Queenstown. The infinite charm of Queenstown, I believe that you can only experience it if you have experienced it yourself. Here, you can find your pleasure: steamboat tour lake, Nevis Canyon bungee or high-altitude swing, skydiving, hiking, jet boat and can stroll on Lake Wakatipu, watching quietly Snow mountain. It is surrounded by Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown and can be said to be the beautiful wedding yarn of Queenstown. You can do nothing, order a cup of coffee, sit quietly on the lakeside and look at the snowy mountains in the distance. It turns out that this is a pleasant travel life. The beauty of Queenstown, whether it is the early morning mist or the sunset, is deeply engraved in your heart. Just the evening is the grand Halloween of the West, and the little friends have painted their faces early, and at night, they will find all kinds of big ghosts and ghosts coming out. For the first time, I feel the thick Halloween. Tips: Queenstown is not big, you can go shopping in an hour or two, but you can stay for two more days to experience the charm of extreme sports. Because skydiving is very affected by the weather, you may have to wait. .
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