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Greenbelt Park

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"City Park"
"Urban leisure resort-Philippines Philippines, a city composed of many small islands, makes this city small and cozy. People's life is not hurried or slow, it is very suitable to come to the city to have a fun, come to this city with your friends for vacation! Shizhongshi Shizhongshi is a walled city in the Philippines, which is unique in the world. It is the old site of Manila. Surrounding the castle are trenches and city walls. We took the light rail and got off at the United Nations station. After a few steps, we reached the city in this famous city. When we arrived at the destination, we hired a carriage and sat on the carriage to experience the prosperity of the city. There are 7 city gates here. We enter from the east gate. There are many churches inside. The church is a medieval European architecture. We visited the Augustine Cathedral. very interesting. Suggested travel time: 2 to 3 hours Makati Makati is a very prosperous city in the Philippines, and is the financial center here. It is very prosperous here, and various infrastructures are also very complete. We stayed here, and when we came out to play, we rented a unique blue truck to travel the whole city. We first went to the playground, took a roller coaster and other exciting games, and then we went to the major shopping malls to hang out , There are too many shopping malls here! There are shopping malls wherever we go. In the shopping malls, we ate special curry rice and bought some traditional Filipino costumes. It was very interesting! Suggested play time: One day Quezon City Quezon City is a new area developed in the Philippines, and the entire city is planned to be neater. Both transportation and public facilities are very complete. It took an hour to take the subway from the city center. Some of the city is under construction. A new building area is posted with a very large sign saying "red huorse". We first went to the Qingshan Pearl District. The newly built building is very modern. What I am most impressed with here is the special food roast suckling pig. It is really delicious, fat but not greasy, thin but not firewood, it is very worth visiting! Suggested time to visit: One day Green Belt Open Air Church Green Belt Open Air Church is a small church in the center of Makati, and it is also a place that brings peace and tranquility to the city. This is a modern round Catholic church. The building is white. There are many people praying here every day. The Godfather’s words are very brief, but deeply rooted. People who are tired from work and tourists like us find a kind of inner peace here. Here, my friend and I finished praying. We sat there meditating for a while, and then we ate some bamboo rice in the surrounding area. The rice was very delicious. Suggested play time: about 2 hours Green Belt Park Green Belt Park is a small park built behind the crawler park. It provides a good place for walking and relaxing for the busy people in this city. The park is very beautiful and modern. After we finished eating near the shopping center, we came here for a walk. A corner of the park was written with white brackets "love alaways" so that people always love-true love will last forever. There is also a pond here. There are some small goldfish and sea turtles in the pond. If you take some bait and throw it down, the fish will rush to eat the bait, but they die quickly, which is very interesting. Suggested play time: 1 hour to 2 hours Holy Child Church. Holy Child Church is arguably the oldest church in the Philippines. The building has a very long history. Buy tickets from the outside and line up to enter. From the outside, the whole church is based on white, but because of its long construction time, there are a lot of black smoke stains on it. But it seems more historical. Entering inside is a standard cathedral style. There are many devout people there to worship and pray. Rows of chairs were full of people. A European-style fountain stands. The statue of the Holy Child is displayed inside, and everyone must wipe the glass to show respect when they look at it. It makes sense. Suggested play time: 1 to 2 hours Fort San Pedro Fort San Pedro is a castle built in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period. This castle is one of the oldest castles in the Philippines. It is built with stones on the seabed, which is very vicissitudes of life. The gate of the castle is engraved with various sculptures, which is very beautiful. There are also local gods on the wall. Going inside the city gate, there is a deep wall. On the city wall, there are some leftover forts on the wall, which are of historical value. The restaurants here have all kinds of food, Chinese and Spanish style. We ordered some chicken, very interesting place. Suggested play time: 2 to 3 hours. Oslob Whale Shark Watching Point Oslob Whale Shark Watching Point is a small fishing village in the south of Cebu. There are many whale sharks here that attract us to play here. The road is very well built, surrounded by sea and trees. At the destination, Binar can dive into the water and get close contact with whale sharks under the protection of the staff. These whale sharks are very friendly and docile. This kind of fish is very large, with spots on its body, and looks very majestic. And there are more than one. You can interact with many animals in the water, but be careful to go in the morning. Suggested play time: One morning Logon Beach Logon Beach is a small fishing village on the seaside of Cebu. This beach is very quiet and interesting. It is really fun to play here with the beautiful lady. There are a few square tables next to the open-air beach, surrounded by tropical trees, so you can bask in the sun and avoid the direct sunlight. It is very pleasant. After that, we sat at the table, I ordered a cup of coffee, and my friend ordered a cup of coconut juice. The coconut juice can be drunk by cutting the canal directly from the coconut. It is very convenient and original. After that we went for a walk on the beach and danced with the waves, which was very interesting! Suggested play time: Half a day The Philippines is a city composed of countless small islands. It is a city leisure resort. The quiet and easy-going city attracts many tourists to stop here, come here to check in!"