Located on the northeastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in northern Sichuan, Zoigê County is under the administration of the Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. It has always been known as “the oasis of the high plain of northwest Sichuan” and was chosen by the magazine Chinese National Geography as the best of the six top wetland scenic areas in China. Here you can see the majestic scenery of the first of the Yellow River’s nine famous curves, and in the summertime an ocean of flowers blooms across the great grasslands of Zoigê. Visitors can sample authentic cheese bread, butter tea, and whole roast goat. They can also chat and tell jokes with the locals, a source of endless delight.
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Things To Do in Reergai

Yellow River Jiuqu Diyiwan
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chenweiwenThe first bay of the Yellow River, which originated from the Yellow River in Bayankala Mountain (4500 meters above sea level), flows through Sichuan Province and is a famous attraction beside the Suoke Tibetan Temple in Tangke Township, Zoergai County. The Yellow River is cut 300 meters across here and the White River is cut 400 meters across. The Yellow River is the boundary river between Sichuan and Gansu, Gansu in the west and Sichuan in the east. The Yellow River from Gansu side, the White River from the Yellow River first bay top merged, the type such as "S", the Yellow River water like a fairy's drift from the sky slowly, gently stroked on the Sichuan side and turned back to Qinghai, so here called the first Bay of the Jiuqu Yellow River.
Zoige Flower Lake
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chenweiwenThe lake is located on the 213 National Road between the lake and Langmu Temple in Gansu Province. The lake is surrounded by hundreds of acres of water and grassland, which is a nature reserve for biodiversity of the plateau wetland. It is simple, quiet, but flammable. This is the lake, the lake of the flower, the lake of the evil. Ruoergai like a beautiful emerald inlaid on the northwestern border of Sichuan, is one of the three wetlands in China. Ruoergai Lake unique natural scenery, the ancient and colorful national customs are reflected. Ruoergai grassland a blue, dream Ruoergai Lake vast smoke waves. Walking in the lake, pillow the sound of the Yellow River, watching the sunset pasturing, a color of water. Ruoergai lake path, watching the flying dance, let the clouds Circumstantial cloud Shu.
Ge'erdi Temple
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刘小霁Langmu Temple, composed of Sezhi Temple and Ge'erdi Temple, local people called Langmu Temple in Sichuan. The temple along the town and the stream built, although compared to Gandan Saichi Temple incense fire, but Lama, believers through the time, each busy Buddha, farming and animal husbandry, no vulgar.
Namo Grand Canyon
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suifeng2019Namo Grand Canyon is located in the area where Namo Geerdi Temple is located in the north of Zoige County. The main highlights are: Fairy Cave, Panlong Cave, and Naixi. It is completely undeveloped, only a dirt trail on foot.
Jiangzha Hot Spring
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
当地向导九寨沟前程自助游Jiangzha Hot Spring is located in Jiangzha Township, Zoige County. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers with beautiful scenery and a very beautiful spot. Almost all the hot springs here are pure natural hot springs. There are many springs, and the water quality is particularly clean. It is called the pleasant surroundings. It is very enjoyable to enjoy the beautiful scenery while soaking in the hot springs. The price of Jiangzha Hot Spring is very affordable. It costs only a few yuan per person to soak in the open air, and it only costs about 20 yuan to soak indoors. It is very cost-effective, and the villagers here are very hospitable. Accommodation in Jiangzha Township is relatively convenient and the conditions are not very good, but it is quite clean and hygienic. If you travel by car, you can drive directly to Jiangzha Township after visiting the Ruoergai Grassland. The other modes of transportation are only chartered.
Ruoergai Wetland Reserve
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Nature Reserve
开心天涯客This is the core of the Gannan prairie, located at the junction of Sichuan and Gansu provinces, you can see here the flat terrain, abundant water grass, beautiful natural scenery, for thousands of years, has been the traditional Tibetan pasture.

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Yellow River Jiuqu Diyiwan
Yellow River Jiuqu DiyiwanAbazhou,China

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Zoige Flower Lake
Zoige Flower LakeAbazhou,China

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Ge'erdi Temple
Ge'erdi TempleAbazhou,China

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Namo Grand Canyon
Namo Grand CanyonAbazhou,China

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Jiangzha Hot Spring
Jiangzha Hot SpringAbazhou,China

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Ruoergai Wetland Reserve
Ruoergai Wetland ReserveAbazhou,China

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Jan 27, 2021
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Jan 27, 2021 Reergai Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:69%, Sunrise/Sunset:08:08/18:34
Reergai Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Low

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