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Things To Do in Regensburg

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Historical Site
非你不渴Stone bridge is one of the most important bridge buildings in the medieval period, and it is an example of many large stone bridges from the 12 century to the 13 century, including the stone bridge over the Elbe River in Dresden, the Voltawa River in Prague, the Thames River in London, and the Rona River in Avignon, France.
27 Reviews
非你不渴St. Peter’s Catholic Cathedral in Regensburg is the main representative of Gothic architecture in Bavaria and southern Germany, and is the main church of the Catholic Diocese of Regensburg. It was destroyed by fire twice and rebuilt in 1273. The nave is 32 meters high and the tower is 105 meters high. The total length of the church is 86 meters and the width is 34.8 meters. Pope Benedict XVI visited the Regensburg Cathedral on September 13, 2006.
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Historical Site
猫猫在旅行The church in the old town hall of Regensburg is not far away. There are high steps at the door, and there is a high staircase after entering, but the stair railing is still quite beautiful. After going up the stairs is a hall. In the past, the Parliament of the Holy Roman Empire was held here. So the name of this hall is the Empire Hall. It is still the office of the Mayor of Regensburg. I opened a door next to the lobby and wanted to go in for a visit, but it turned out to be someone's office. There were people working in it, so I can only say sorry.
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非你不渴Walking through the gates of Rome and in the narrow alleys, you feel like a soldier of the government world, the loot is at your feet, the city is in your hands, the army that attacked in the year also thinks that you can do anything
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Historical Site
M32***23The Roman walls are very magnificent, and you can get a glimpse of the historical vicissitudes of the past. Now you can only see some of the damaged walls that have been protected and repaired. It is a good place to learn about history. There are so many tourists, it is worth the trip~
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137***66This history museum is located in Regensburg, which is quite interesting, you can visit it without an appointment! The exhibits in the museum mainly show the glorious history of the Roman period and the Middle Ages of Regensburg. The exhibits tell the history of the region from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.

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St. Emmeram ChurchUpper Palatinate,Germany

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Schottenkirche St JakobUpper Palatinate,Germany

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LiveActGamesUpper Palatinate,Germany

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Eiserne BruckeUpper Palatinate,Germany

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Die St. KatharinenspitalstiftungUpper Palatinate,Germany

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Steinerne BrückeUpper Palatinate,Germany

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