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Things To Do in Renhuai

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我是夜王2020/7/20 come here for a visit, here is the best viewing spot to watch the panoramic scenery of Maotai Town. You can go back and forth by cable car, or you can drive your own car from the mountain road to the parking lot. If you are going by car, you need to collect tickets, 30 yuan per person. It is recommended to go in the afternoon, so that overlooking Maotai Town on the opposite bank of the Chishui River, it happens to be Shunguang and the scenery is beautiful.
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朱朱莉Guizhou tour, 12th stop, Maotai Town! This is the last stop! From Fanjing Mountain, more than 300 kilometers, arrived at Maotai Town! Before reaching Maotai Town, the high speed obviously feels that the license plate cars across the country are going in the direction of Maotai Town! Just entering Maotai Town, the rum flavour came, this smell will be detected drunk driving ah? Haha ~ accidentally hit the Maotai Group, is really big! The road in Maotai town is really not easy to drive, the road in the town is downhill with a bend, there are also a lot of cars, parking lots and other parking spaces queued for an hour! Just wandered around the town, went to 1915 Square, the Red Army Sidu Chishui Memorial Park, Maotai Ferry, Yangliuwan Street is taking a photo at the archway, which is selling wine, I will not buy it! The Chinese wine culture city is closed, Maotaitian brewing did not go up, see some people comment that the cable car also want to sting people, do not want to waste time! I have been struggling with whether to stay in Maotai town for one night, I have said that the night view is very beautiful, but in addition to selling wine in the town, there are many hotels, but there are very few places to eat, I also looked at the hotel passing by, and there are parking spaces are full, so I don't want to live in the town! Ready to go to Guiyang, where to go is where, but there are too many cars out of town, traffic jam is serious, finally decided to drive to Renhuai City to live! Ah ~ You know this will taste a bit of bulk wine, you can buy some! I will go back to Guiyang later, relax a little ~
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精光葫芦娃Matai Chinese Wine Culture City is located in Maotai town, is the largest Chinese Wine Culture Expo Hall, the Chinese Maotai Group in 1993 invested and built, including the Han, Tang, Song and other 8 large exhibition halls. The museum has rich graphics and documents, explaining the craftsmanship, history, literature and art works related to wine and wine culture in Guizhou. The courtyard also has statues of historical figures, such as Li Bai, Zhang Xu, Su Xu and so on. This paper introduces the development process of liquor industry in China and the politics, economy, culture and folklore related to liquor, and shows the broad and profound wine culture and the long-standing wine culture in China.
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Ornamental Hot spring
翱翔的大鲨鱼The National Wine Gate Hot Spring is near the National Wine Gate and the first bottle of the world. You can visit the three places together. Finally, you can go to the hot springs here, go to the boats and cars, take a rest and fight the winery. Coming to Moutai is to appreciate this feeling.
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City | ​​landmark
xieritaA scenic spot in Moutai, a big bottle is on the top of the mountain, there are no people, mainly for the promotion of wine culture. No tickets are required, and climbing is not tiring. There is a free parking lot opposite, and the wine bottle is still Guinness.
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心灵宫殿"Memorial Square with Magnetic Field" is an ancient town with cultural flavor, it is a combination of ancient salt culture, Long March culture and wine culture, is the hometown of Maotai, the birthplace of Chinese sauce and the first core production area, is known as the heart of Chinese wine, The pedestrian street on the north bank of Chishui River is the most prosperous place in Maotai. There is a 1915 square, which was built to commemorate the 1915 Panama World Exposition, which won the gold prize. The cultural history of Maotai town can be seen in the square. The main line of the square is the award winning, combining wine bottles, medals, waterscape waterfalls, which means the Maotai wine has a long history of mellow and fragrant. The main sculptures on the square are very interesting. The Panama World Exposition was held in San Francisco, USA in 1915. Maotai won the gold prize, and with French cognac brandy, England Scotch whisky, and the world's three major distilled wines. At that time, wearing long robes, long debate in the Chinese were considered "the sick man of East Asia", with earthen pots filled with Maotai wine no one to pay attention. At the end of the exhibition, a Chinese representative was very happy to try, pretending to have broken a bottle of Maotai wine, the wine immediately spilled over, so that the judges were suddenly attracted, after repeated tasting, unanimously decided that "Maotai wine" is the best white wine in the world, so Maotai wine reissued a gold prize. The story of "Throwing the shook the country of Maotai" is known since then, with the award-winning shattered bottles of Xingtai as the prototype of the theme sculpture "Maotai wine can" is the town of Maotai logo landscape. The bottle has a text inside, which was published in the Chongqing newspaper at the time by Ronghe Shaofang, one of the three Maotai Shaofangs. Now it is not only commemorative, but also a good place for citizens to recreation and activities. The 2016 provincial tourism conference will be held in Maotai, 1915 square will be the main venue of the provincial tourism conference. Tourist tips: Maotai town 1915 square address: Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, under the jurisdiction of the town of Maotai town Chishui River; Maotai attractions: 1. The first is to visit the production and packaging workshops of Guizhou Maotai winery; 2. The second is the Chinese wine culture city, which concentrates the splendor and essence of 5,000 years of Chinese wine culture and reflects the development of paste-flavored liquor; 3. The origin of Maotai wine, the predecessor of Maotai winery, "Ronghe Shaofang", "Chengyi Shaofang", "Hengxing Shaofang", and the experience of the magic of Maotai town. 5, the iron cable bridge on the side of the square, "Red Army Bridge", here is the red army three crossings of Chishui place; 6, the red army four crossings of Chishui Memorial Hall and the maotai ferry crossing monument, re-represents the red army four crossings of Chishui when the magnificent scenery; 7, Maotai night view, to Maotai town will have to see the night view of Maotai town, a brilliant night. 8, as for the large-scale real-life performance of Tianniang Scenic Area, the ticket price is 180 yuan, you have to go to the cable car, see your needs, you can go or not.

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Renhuai MuseumZunyi,China

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Luming ParkZunyi,China

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Zunyishirenhuaimaotaijiuzhenlvyou Sceneic AreaZunyi,China

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Maotai China Beverage Culture CityZunyi,China

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Red Army Sidu Chishui Memorial ParkZunyi,China

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Hongjun Changzheng Guo Maotai Exhibition HallZunyi,China

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About Renhuai

Renhuai City is located in northern Guizhou, slightly to the west, in the middle reaches of the Chishui (“Red Water”) River, on the north side of the Dalou Mountains. Renhuai has a unique geography that has been fought over by strategists throughout history. Maotai is a provincial-level scenic spot in Renhuai. It is one of the areas in northern Guizhou most dense with tourism attractions and richest in scenic and cultural sights. The area is also home to the Miao and Bouyei ethnic minorities, so visitors who come here can see traditional indigenous activities like playing traditional musical instruments, dancing the Gunshanzhu (“rolling mountain pearl”) acrobatic dance, and climbing the “flower pole,” which are all very interesting.

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Here are the best places to visit in Renhuai, including: Maotai Tianniang,Maotai China Beverage Culture City,Renhuai Maotai Town
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