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Reviews about Huan Xi Village

Reviewed on May 26, 2020

環溪村地處浙江省杭州市桐廬縣江南鎮,村子三面環水一面靠山,村由此而得名。該村是浙江省新農村建設示範村,是桐廬縣紀律檢查委員會的廉政教育基地,村中的環溪雙橋被認定為桐廬縣的文物保護單位。 環溪村實施了農村生活污水治理工程,村容村貌乾淨整潔,溪水穿村而過,有四座橋,分別是安瀾橋、安順橋、安和橋、安民橋。村口的千年古銀杏,成為該村的一大景觀。


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Reviewed on Jun 12, 2018
The village is surrounded by water on three sides, surrounded by Qingyuan River and Tianziyuan River. The level of Qingyuan River is quiet and clear, with green bridges and ten miles of lotus flowers. The water of Tianziyuan River is turbulent and turbulent, with gentle flow and ripples, waterfalls and thunderstorms, paving roads on bluestone slabs along the coast and winding cobblestones. The village is adjacent to Hui-style residential quarters, the ancient bridge is far from each other, and the four-storey villas of the family are painted in style. Qingyuan River is like a small jasper, Tianziyuan River is like a big lady, and Erxi flows into Fuchun River under the central temple of the village. This is the home of Zhou Dunyi, the author of The Talk of Ailian. The village is full of Zhou surnames and lotus flowers everywhere. The ancestral hall of Zhou family guided the culture of lotus. The village road does not collect ruins, the night does not close the door, the folk custom is very good. All kinds of carp play lotus in streams and ponds. The big ones are forty or fifty kilograms, the small ones are seven or eight kilograms. No one catches them. Egrets and birds inhabit streams and ponds. It is worth mentioning that there are five thousand-year-old ginkgo trees and ancient camphor trees at the head of the village, which bless the village. Older people over sixty or seventy years of age go to the village public dining hall for free every day to enjoy their life. There are also three beautiful reservoirs beside the village. The air is fresh and the water quality is good. It's a beautiful place with outstanding people. Our old couple live in Xingfuli for 22 days, which is more economical and economical. Just opposite the big ginkgo tree, sitting on the rocking chair on the balcony in rainy days, looking at the distant mountains, clouds and Koi carp under the pond, is really relaxed and happy. Every day at dawn, the landlady goes up to the mountain to pick fresh bamboo shoots, wild vegetables and fruits, lively bream fish and loach, her own poultry and eggs, and fresh vegetables in the fields when they are environmentally friendly. Also take you to Tonglu and the reservoir for a stroll and pick up some wild vegetables when you leave. Comfortable.