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Reviews about Yan Ziling Fishing Platform

Reviewed on May 26, 2020

富春江(Fuchun River )中國浙江省中部河流。為錢塘江建德市梅城鎮下至蕭山區聞家堰段的別稱。長110公里,流貫浙江省桐廬、富陽兩縣區。自梅城以下5公里至蘆茨埠附近為峽谷段。 富春江兩岸山色清翠秀麗,江水清碧見底,素以水色佳美著稱,更兼許多具有濃郁地方特色的村落和集鎮點染,使富春江、新安江畫卷增色生輝。富春江一帶昔有“小三峽”之稱,“天下佳山水,古今推富春”。在支流胥溪注入處,有“子胥渡口”、“伍子胥別廟”等古迹。梁文學家吳均《與朱元思書》中描繪了富春江風景(“自富陽至桐廬一百許里,奇山異水,天下獨絕”)。自下游建富春江水電站后,這一帶淹為水庫,泱泱江水,宛若明鏡,兩岸青山點點,“七里揚帆”成為當今嚴陵八景之一。 山清水秀的富春江,空氣清新,綠色健全,適合居住,此處江景房尤為喜歡。


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Reviewed on Aug 24, 2016
First went to Yaolin Wonderland, the cave is full of people, affecting the progress of the journey, hurry up to catch the boat, or else the day will be wasted. Online booking of tickets, Yaolin Wonderland + Fuchun River Small Three Gorges + Yanziling Diaotai, every visit to a scenic spot to get tickets, Yanziling Diaotai and Fuchun River Small Three Gorges are actually together, Yanziling is a boat landing attraction. The marketing department that collects tickets at the wharf is separated from the ticket outlet. Children's tickets can not be booked online. It is inconvenient to go to two places and hope to improve. After boarding the boat, you can sit at will, upstairs and downstairs, the scenery is good, looking at the mood is comfortable. After landing, they will inform the time of getting off the ship and control the time by themselves. After landing, we played a speedboat, 50 yuan a person, children and adults with the same ticket, put on a life jacket and boarded the boat, full of 8 people sailed, we just 8 people, boarded the boat directly. The water quality of the yacht is not very good at all kinds of tilt angles. In some places, the water is all green. The sailing Master said that the water quality is poor, so we should not play "wet body". The black stinky tofu in the snack bar is delicious, crisp, good sauce, 10 yuan and 3 strings. After boarding the boat again, I felt very tired sitting in my seat, and I was too lazy to go any further. I did not get off the boat any more. The scenic spots on the back shore were not clear about what the situation was. The boat went straight back to the dock and happened to see the killing of fish, super-large carp. The killer said that the fish jumped ashore by themselves, almost every day. The fish here are hard to think of. In short, the tour is good.