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Reviews about Yunmeng Scenic Area, Yimeng Mountain

Reviewed on May 29, 2020



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Reviewed on May 1, 2018
There are parking lots at the entrance of the scenic spot and parking lots inside. When we come, the outside may be full, so we will be stopped by the commander directly. It is an uphill ramp. Because a car can only enter after checking tickets or buying tickets at the entrance, it will queue up for a while. But after entering, it will be found that the car has not walked a long way directly in the scenic spot, and it is also very good to follow the signs along the way. Going to Menggua Square, the Forest Amusement Park is very suitable for children to play, and a small number of monkeys, from the amusement park down to return to the square, after a period of shops began to formally climb mountains. There are two roads, the South Road and the Middle Road, which must be taken in advance to make the panoramic view of the scenic spot countless in mind and plan the route well in advance. We are from the Middle Road, the South Road, the South Road is long and steep, and the people with poor physical strength must take the Middle Road. There are many places to buy things along the road, which can replenish energy at any time. We have formally climbed from the Middle Road to the Shenxie Pavilion and the Rain Temple, sharing two. More than an hour later, there is a circular route on both sides. Because the children want to be a forest stormtrooper, we choose to go from the left, through Mengshan Guild Hall, Mengshan Tianchi, to Yepugou, Putaoquan, directly to Nanmen, to Mengshan Watching Ritai, to Ximen in less than an hour, to be a stormtrooper, and then come down in a few minutes. Back to Mengshan Tianchi, the Stormtrooper is specially driven. So don't be afraid, adults and children can do it. It's exciting and fun. If you don't want to climb the mountain, you can also go directly to the stormcar exit behind the Mengshan Club Hall, buy a joint ticket of 70 yuan, sit on it and sit down again. But it's less fun to climb the mountain. If you don't like to do the stormcar, you can walk along the right forest trestle road from the temple of Rain to the West Gate, one to one. Nanmen, to Putaoquan, to Yepugou, back to Mengshan Guild Hall, down the middle road or down the ropeway, we don't want to go back. So we finished the stormcar, down the South road, through Tianchi, through Mengshan, to Tianhai, down the mountain along the road, and the scenery of the middle road is different. The road is steeper. Only two places sell things, which lasted more than two hours. To the entrance of the mountain, I am really glad that I chose the right road. Then I accompanied my children to do the forest drifting and went directly to the exit. Although I stood in line for half an hour, it was really worth trying. Old people and children can do it. It's quite safe. It's more than ten o'clock to go up the mountain, more than five o'clock to the scenic spot, and a perfect trip!