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About Rongcheng

Rongcheng (荣成) is at the easternmost tip of the Shandong Peninsula. Surrounded on three sides by the sea, Rongcheng is China's closest point to Korea. It is a beautiful seaside city blessed with warm winters, cool summers, balmy springs, and crisp autumns as well as ultra-rich marine resources. Famous attractions here include the Weihai Chishan (威海赤山) Scenic Area and the Chengshantou (成山头) Scenic Area.

Popular Attractions in Rongcheng

Shendiao Wild Animal Nature Reserve
3,413 Reviews
Shendiao Wild Animal Nature Reserve is located in the west of Weihai City, about 50 kilometers from downtown. It is a unique wildlife park on the coast. There are more than 300 kinds of animals in the reserve, with a total number of 4,000, among which are many rare species. Most of them are kept free-range or semi-free range. You can observe animals in the beautiful surroundings near the sea, watch animal performances, and take photos with animals such as black bears and monkeys.
2,109 Reviews
Chengshantou is located in Longxudao Town, Rongcheng, Weihai, and is named after the easternmost section of the Chengshan Mountains. It is surrounded by the sea on 3 sides and faces South Korea across the sea. It is the easternmost point of China's coastline. It is also the place where the sun rises at the earliest hour on the Jiaodong Peninsula. With steep mountains, plenty of greens and tumbling waters underneath, this is a very famous summer resort and has been since ancient times.
Sea Donkey Island
933 Reviews
Hailv Island is located in Rongcheng City in Weihai City. Years of being eroded by waves have formed a striking natural landscape on the island. Hailv Island "Sea Donkey Island" gets its name because entire island is shaped like an emaciated donkey lying on the sea. Because Hailv Island is far from the mainland, it attracts countless seabirds to perch and lay eggs. For this reason, this place is the world of sea birds.
Chishan Scenic Area
563 Reviews
Chishan Scenic Area is located in the Shidao area of ​​Rongcheng City at the eastern end of the Shandong Peninsula. It is named after its redness. The scenic spots are connected by mountains and seas, and the scenery is pleasant. In addition to the scenic area, there are attractions such as Zhang Baoyu Memorial Tower, Zhang Baoyu Biography Hall and Rongcheng Folk Museum. The slopes of some of the scenic spots are large, and in addition to walking, you can also take a sightseeing tour. The sightseeing bus stops at the Fahuayuan-Chishan Buddhist Temple-Zhang Baoyu Biography Hall-Da Ming Shengjing (Chishan Mingshen)-Rongcheng Folk Museum in turn, which is exactly the order of sightseeing.

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Trip Moments

Haitang Island Feeding Seagull Raiders | Haicang Island is located in the northern waters of Rongcheng Mountain, Weihai, Shandong Province. Due to its beautiful scenery and far away from the land, it attracts countless black-tailed gulls and yellow-billed egrets to inhabit and breed here. Because you want to restore the ecology, you can't go bird-watching now, but you can take the boat out to sea to feed the seagulls. The seagulls will go along with the boat. The feeling of harmony between man and nature is wonderful. Haicang Island is famous not because of its legend, but because of its scenery and the large number of seagulls on the island. Speaking of the sea, it seems that there must be a messenger of the sea - the seagull companion, when we go out to sea, the seagulls circle around the ship, tweet, this is the sea and sea life we dream of. (Pushpin) Practical tips: Haitang Island to see the seagull must read Haitang Island's seagulls everywhere, not only flying in the sky, but also around you. Tourists are on the road, seagulls are on their side, turning around the corner, two seagulls standing on the rocks by the road to comment on you. The seagulls on the island are of different varieties, white, gray and brown. When feeding the seagulls, you should pay attention to it. Don't carry food with you. For the health of the seagulls, it is recommended that you go to the island to buy bird food for seagulls. Although expensive, it is environmentally friendly. I hope that everyone will protect these seabirds and protect their living environment and physical health. (Traffic) Traffic Raiders: You can take the public transportation bus to the Chengshan direction at Weihai Bus Station, near Haitang Island (no specific site, the driver will give the nearest to the other side) Place) Get off. Go to the pier of Haitang Island Scenic Area and take the 100-150 ferry boat to the island. The waiting time on the road and on the road is about 1.5 hours per way. The fare for each person is about 15 yuan depending on the specific destination. However, the time for returning should be mastered. Pay attention to the time when the bus returns. I first recommend that you drive by car, charter or rent a car, and the time is more flexible. Second recommended to travel together, there are related day trips or day trips for connecting, so that you can avoid the fatigue of driving, the locals are more familiar with the local situation, saving time and energy. Need special reminder that it is not very convenient to take a taxi around the scenic spot. Everyone should make a travel plan in advance. accommodation strategy: Haicang Island has no accommodation, there are no restaurants and restaurants, tourists can only go to the same day, return on the same day, you can choose to stay in Xixiakou scenic area, In this way, you can continue to visit the Shendiao Mountain Zoo and Chengshantou Scenic Spot the next day, or you can get up early to watch the sunrise. The ferry boat to and from the terminal and Haitang Island, operating time from 8 am to 5 pm, rolling out the ship, when the number of people is less than 10 people, the ship will be issued when the seat is full. Up and down the island plus the island tour, the overall play time is about 2 hours, from the city, you can go back and forth on the same day, or you can consider staying in the Chengshan Town area on the same day, and take the next day to visit Chengshantou Or Xixiakou. Most tourists visit Chengshantou or Xixiakou for a long time and visit Haitang Island for half a day. The day is very rich.
Posted: Jul 14, 2019
The misty mountain heads | Summer leisure, of course, depends on the sea. It is best to go to Xixiakou to see the sea. Xixiakou Tourist Area is the essence of Weihai Tourism. It is the first place in the mainland of China's most beautiful eight major coasts - Chengshantou National Scenic Area. Chengshantou is located at the easternmost point of China's land and sea handover. It is China. The first place to see the sunrise on the sea. Traffic Tips: After arriving at the tourist area, there is a scenic shuttle bus connection between the scenic spots. It is not a self-driving friend and there is no need to worry about the inconvenient traffic in the scenic spot. Chengshantou Scenic Area If you have a self-driving car, it is recommended to drive to Chengshantou; if you do not have a self-driving car, you can choose to take the cable car to enter the scenic spot.
Posted: Jul 14, 2019
Hospitality in Shandong, the most east of the night, the night tour into the mountain head after dinner, I said to go to the beach together, she said good. So we started the night tour of Chengshantou and walked on the avenue of the empty scenic spot. The red, green and blue villas are silently on the side of the road. The acacia trees at the entrance of the villa have a burst of aroma. The sound of the birds adds a vitality to the serenity. Chengshantou has such a chic side.
Posted: Jul 17, 2019
You can think of the time in Weihai by boat, blowing, feeding the seagulls! Starting from Chengshantou, there is a beautiful island 2 miles away. There are tens of thousands of black-tailed gulls and yellow-billed egrets on the island. Here is Haitang Island, which is also known as the Gull Heron Kingdom. Haicang Island has been eroded by thousands of years of indefatigable waves, and it is a dangerous mountain. It is a unique island scenery with the rising tide, the waves of the sky, and the elves like the elves. ......
Posted: Jul 19, 2019
Located in Weihai, Chengshantou is known as the "end of the sky" three sides of the sea, one side of the land, and South Korea across the sea only 94 nautical miles is the easternmost junction of China's land and sea / Hh/ The earliest place to see the sunrise of the sea here is also the famous praying place various praying palace one to pray [to force] new year also have good luck duck [666 ] [Tips] Chengshantou tickets, set online in advance: 99 yuan day online: 140 yuan day store price: 150 yuan
Posted: Jul 18, 2019