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Things To Do in Rongshui

128 Reviews
_We***19I went after New Year's Day. Now the foreign ID card is free. 60 yuan in Guangxi Province is one person. We are 2 adults and 2 children. Only I am a foreign ID card, so it is free. Shuanglonggou ➕Mengming Miaozhai is 203 yuan together. Cost-effective is still good to me. Just go in is a variety of photo spots, then go in is climbing the mountain, every time I feel tired, there is a place to rest, there are snacks and water on the way, and the price is cheap, a bottle of water only 2 yuan. The only downside is that before I get to the glass bridge, I am like taking pictures. My phone has no electricity and I don't have a charging treasure to borrow, so I need to bring my own charging treasure or borrow it in advance in the service center. We went to almost no one. When we went to the glass bridge, the glass was too dirty to see below. The city of the sky can really experience it, because there is no way to experience it with children, it seems very exciting. The jungle flying squirrel feels no need to play, the price is not high, and the time is very short. Mengming Miao Village is a Miao Village. I thought it was just to see the scenery, but then I felt that I had a different experience participating in their activities. I can live in the homestay and eat.
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Geological Sites
眼中的美The scenic area is beautiful, with a long history, the scenery in the cave is beautiful. It mainly tours historical relics, cliff stone, Zhenxian Cave, Yinxian Cave, high-altitude suspension bridge, cliff swing, glass platform, cliff plank, glass slide, Songcheng, jungle crossing, Lingxi Wharf and so on.
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Terraced Field
龙城紫荆Going in the summer vacation, it's a little rain, the scenery is very good, natural oxygen bar, suitable for relaxing and washing the soul. The dishes of the homestay are delicious, are all earth goods, you can also barbecue, you can swim in the scenic spot!
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翼儿爱自由Yubu National Customs Tourism Resort is beautiful and picturesque, with green hills, green waters, creeks, flowing water, green fields and Miao customs, and it is very pleasant to be in it. In the early morning, before the sun climbs up the mountain, the distant mountains have a thin layer of fog, which is very beautiful. Traveling to Liuzhou, here is a good tourist attraction.
Nearby City
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Rock Monument
精光葫芦娃Shimen Xianhu Scenic Area is the first national 3A-level tourist scenic spot in Rong'an County, located in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, with a high gorge out of the Pinghu Lake and a beautiful natural landscape of the dark river. Famous scenic spots include Zhennan Guan, Mt. Shizu, Longshou Cliff and so on.
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iJasperThis attraction is amazing, the whole family went there together, everyone played very high, definitely five-star recommendation. Rongshui is one of the six counties in Liuzhou. It is 118 kilometers away from Liuzhou. The transportation is convenient. There are buses and trains available every day. The Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang, Han and other ethnic groups live in the territory. The colorful Lusheng dance, Mango dance, drum dance, toast dance, horse fighting, horse racing, bird fighting and other customs are rarely known. A must-visit place for ethnic culture.

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Longnvgou Scenic AreaLiuzhou,China

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Yuanbao MountainLiuzhou,China

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Rongshuixian Qi Cai FarmLiuzhou,China

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Sanyou Waterfall Sceneic AreaLiuzhou,China

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Beijiang River DriftingLiuzhou,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Rongshui, including: Shuanglonggou,Rongshui Laojun Hole,Longnvgou Scenic Area
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