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Rothenburg ob der Tauber,Recommendations
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
The fairytale town of Rothenburg, the starting point of the romantic road
Rothenburg's German meaning is "red castle", the roof of the house is mostly dark red, small spires, wooden frame, the town is surrounded by a circle of walls and towers Still staying in the medieval style. Located at the intersection of the Romantic Road and the Castle Road, it is also the most medieval-style dream town on the entire romantic road. If you are also preparing for a romantic journey, Rothenburg is a place you can't miss anyway. Since the old town is too small, there is no need for any strategy. The arrangement of the spots does not pay attention to the order of the routes. It is already a pleasure to walk around. Give your feet to the stone road here and give your heart to the beautiful scenery in front of you, which is the perfect way to visit Rothenburg.
Walk a day in Rothenburg, a day of fairy tale life. Rothenburg's fairy tale flavor comes from the town's centuries-old bricks and trees, all the fairy tale elements are slowly integrated into this small town with the footsteps of time. When we were in Rothenburg, we met a rare and rare weather, and the blue sky with the orange roof was a natural fit. After a burst of filming, I heard the footsteps and the German language behind the scenes. Looking back, the black Zorro rode and came, and under the visual confusion of the surrounding buildings, I really thought that I had passed back. middle Ages. All the fairy tale bridges you can't imagine, Rothenburg is being shown to you in more ways than you think.
Come to Rothenburg, don't overlook the street window. Here, the window is not a window to sell goods, but the perfect embodiment of the owner's inner artistic accomplishment and imagination. A window is a world. It is not so much a window, but a stage of dreams and exquisiteness. It is a fairytale dream of girls.
Especially like the ancient towns like Europe, where the place is small, it is easy to play, the famous places have gone through it, and there is plenty of spare time to sit down and have a cup of coffee and observe the life of the locals. You don't have to hurry to hurry to worry about which point is missing, and travel sometimes needs such ample security. So I prefer this kind of town to a big and disorderly city.
Shirley Zhu
Rothenburg ob der Tauber,Recommendations
Central Square
Market Square, fairy tale town showcases the history of the window
in the market square in Rothenburg, the main building that can be seen is the town hall and the city council pub. If you come to the head, the most unfortunate thing is that every day from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, from 8:00 to 10:00 every hour, the small window will open the story of "massive drinkers save the city". Although these are just legends, if you come to Rothenburg, you will probably be like us, and really believe that these stories have happened. The
square is surrounded by the cold winds from all sides, and it is shivering in the center. Although we did not meet the market in Rothenburg in the market square, we listened to the sound of nature from Rothenburg. On the same day, the orchestra playing in the square saw the cold wind as nothing, and many people were soaked in their own performances with their thin faces, and this attitude towards art was awe-inspiring.
At night, the parade around the city is the tradition of Rothenburg since the Middle Ages and one of the most anticipated events in the market square. Now in a certain period of time, starting at 8 o'clock every night, the husband wears a black robe, holds a long axe, carries a candle, and cruises on a certain route. Visitors can travel. The medieval feeling of
Rothenburg is reflected in the tradition of the still-keeping night watchman. Just now there are more tourists, the patrol will bring some performances, and the night watcher will use his swaying drama to spit out his professional and professional tools, and then take you all the way along the Municipal Plaza to travel through the towns main attractions, all the way. It tells the story of the town from the Middle Ages, during the Seven Years' War, and the revival of World War II, which was almost flattened and eventually funded by people around the world. After listening, I can have a deeper understanding of the historical background of the city, and I can feel the beauty of the present.
There is a suggestion to watch the night watchers. There are a lot of people watching the patrols. It is felt that the tourists who did not see them during the day gathered at night. The night watchman just appeared and chilled with everyone, and indicated that he could take a photo with him. But it is only limited to a few people around him. He can't take photos with everyone indefinitely and delay the patrol time.
Time: Mid-March--January 5th, at 8pm, is an English-speaking guide. At 9:30, it is a German guide.
Shirley Zhu
Rothenburg ob der Tauber,Recommendations
Castle Garden, Rothenburg's unexpected portrait resort
castle garden at the western end of Rothenburg, through the castle gate (Burgtor), arrives at a beautiful garden. The garden is full of trees, flowers, and romantic grape vines, which are very poetic. What's more, it overlooks the Taubertal valley, where the river valley is green and the old houses are dotted with water. If you have time, you can walk along the trail and walk through the Tauber Valley until you reach the Doppelbrcke on the river. At the beginning of
October, the castle garden has been stained with autumn colors. The town that envied the locals of Rothenburg is already full of fairy tales, and there is still a beautiful backyard with a beautiful scenery to walk and relax. It is incredible.
Clean gardens only have two or two locals walking around the dog, just find an open space, with autumn leaves as the background, it is a good place to shoot portraits. The flowers here are not like the leaves of many palace gardens, but there is a natural, pastoral fresh ecology.
Garden can overlook the tower and the Tauber Valley. I thought that the vocabulary of fairy tales, dreams and romance is only suitable for the ancient city of Rothenburg. I didnt expect to see a red, green, green and colorful look around the ancient city from the garden. It seems that the whole of Germany is in a complete fairy tale world. At this time, I felt that I was originally on the earth. I was knocked on my head by the elf and dropped into another cute planet.
Shirley Zhu
Rothenburg ob der Tauber,Recommendations
Sankt Jacobi
The Holy Blood of Jesus is preserved here. In the Middle Ages, it was the sacred place of the pilgrims
St. Jacobs Church. St. Jakobs Kirche is the most important church in Rothenburg, located in the northwest corner of the market square, with bronze statues standing in front of the church. Visiting the church is a fee-based project. The most famous feature of the St. Jacob's Church is that the wood carvings are exquisitely carved and superb; it is also a very characteristic riding street building in Europe. The whole church is built on both sides of a small road, and the path crosses the church itself. The Gothic architecture of the entire church, the four-walled woodcarvings, the huge organ and the holy blood altar are the focus of the visit.
This church was built in 1311 and was not fully built until 1485. If you pay attention to the observation, you will find that the two towers are different in shape. It is said that the north is built by an architect, and the south is thin and tall by his apprentice. It is said that because the apprentice was more beautiful than the master, the architect built it from himself. The tower went down and fell to death. Quote a photo taken on the wall one day later, where you can clearly see the difference between the two towers of the church. On the left is the master built, and on the right is the apprentice. Is it especially easy for Europeans to treat art? Known for its unique holy blood altar, the
church is one of the most magnificent altars in southern Germany and the biggest attraction of the entire church. In a small place like Rothenburg, the church should have nothing to watch, but history has given the church too many fantastic legends, so that when we know it, we immediately decide what to say.
The altar of holy blood is on the second floor of the church, passing up a staircase on the northwest corner, with a German instruction on the stairway. In the center of the altar is Lehman Schneider's famous woodcarving work "The Last Supper". There is a crystal ball in the cross above the woodcarving. It is said that the holy blood of Jesus is placed in this crystal ball. This also made Rothenburg a sacred place for growing pilgrims in the Middle Ages. Specially equipped with telephoto as a telescope, but the holy blood altar is too tall, and it can only barely achieve this effect after pulling it to 200 and cutting it later. Do you see the holy blood in the crystal ball?
Address: klingengasse 1
fare: 2 Euros per person for adults, 0.5 Euros per person for children, LP's evaluation here is that here is one of the few religious places in Bavaria that are very interesting to charge visitors for tickets. The official Tucao!
Shirley Zhu
Rothenburg ob der Tauber,Recommendations
The lunch restaurant Baumeisterhaus is ideally located on the main street south of the crossroads of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is a large and large restaurant for up to 200 guests. The restaurant is located in an old, historic stone house that has been around for more than 400 years. The restaurants interior is old and rustic, with antlers and murals creating a hunting-like dining atmosphere. The
Baumeisterhaus mainly serves German-style dishes, and its grilled elbows are a must-have signature dish. A girl with a small appetite, it is enough for two people to order one, and a vegetable salad can solve a dinner perfectly. The restaurant also has a beautiful courtyard.
It is more polite to order a drink after taking a seat. Germans have a special preference for foam, except for beer, cappuccino is the most common coffee! The uncle of the order has recommended red wine, which is close to Wrzburg, which is rich in wine, and there are many grape plantations around Rothenburg, so when you drink beer, it is a good choice to order a glass of wine. .
baked elbow is a must-have, although there is a certain understanding of the amount of food in Germany, but when we came up, we were shocked. Fortunately, we ordered a staple share, but even then, the two A huge dumpling, we still haven't finished eating. Sauerkraut also barely ate two, really more than the acid sauerkraut in the Northeast, although full of a large plate, but the essence is all on the pork knuckle. The first time I ate German roast pork knuckle, the taste of the savory taste made people understand why this is Bavaria's signature dish.
Shirley Zhu
Rothenburg ob der Tauber,Recommendations
The wall of Rothenburg, the romantic road, has a path built by the
Rothenburg Wall, which surrounds the entire castle. Today, this plank road has become the best walking route to see the entire ancient city. This complete wall surrounding the town is 3.5 km long, of which 2.5 km is open to visitors. There are also various gates and towers between the walls of the city, including the oldest white gate of the North Gate, Marcus Tower on the arch, and the hospital gate with fortifications on the south. Heber next to the most beautiful street corner Simmen, the castle gate leading to the castle garden, and so on, all have their own characteristics. Looking at the ancient city of Rothenburg from another angle is another feeling.
We climbed the city wall from the door of the hotel, such as the Rhodes Gate, and began to travel around the ancient city wall until we could not go any further. Later, I realized that the 2.5 kilometers that were open to tourists were not continuous. We took the experience of the Rhodes Gate and thought it was a classic one. The ancient city walls of Europe are very different in appearance from the ancient Chinese city walls, but the function is to defend against foreign enemies and guard their own homes. This ancient Chinese and foreign thoughts are surprisingly consistent. Wooden fences, raised stone walls, and even the ground are uneven, all indicating the traces of the years, revealing the vicissitudes of thousands of sails. Compared to the colorful fairytale cottages in the ancient city, it is not romantic, but it is a good place to care for the past.
Many people on the wall will take this cabin (P9), the classic German-style wooden rib house, the red tile spire, the flower water well, and the romance. With the guidance of the city walls, we gradually moved away from the center, and the whole world was quiet immediately. The city wall was partially damaged in the war and is now being repaired through donations from people around the world. Walking through the city walls, you can see the names of many donors engraved on them, many of them are in the country, the most of which are Japanese. Many Japanese who came to Germany for help later stayed in Germany and stayed in Rothenburg. This is also the reason why there are quite a few Japanese restaurants in Rothenburg.
Shirley Zhu
Rothenburg ob der Tauber,Recommendations
Rothenburg ob der Tauber